Bathroom Pros FAQ

Q: Why choose Bathroom Pros NJ?

A: We’re New Jersey’s premium one-day bathroom remodeler. We utilize the strongest materials, our factory-trained installers are in-house, and our processes ensure you a smooth experience from start to finish. We also specialize in full tub/shower replacement—NOT cheap liner systems.

Find out more on our Why Us and About pages.

Q: What types of bathroom remodeling do you provide?

A: Explore our list of Bathroom Solutions…

For stories and photos of our work, explore our Case Studies.

Q: What areas of New Jersey do you serve?

A: We’re located in Toms River NJ, and we serve North, South, and Central New Jersey. Visit our Service Areas page to see specific towns and cities.

Also check out our Community Involvement page to see how we’re active participants for good causes in the New Jersey area.

Q: Why don’t you install tub or shower liners?

A: A liner is basically a cover or shell inserted over your existing tub or shower. Liners are flimsy and don’t address moisture problems that may be lurking underneath your current bathing area. Water can also get between the liner and your old system, creating a “spongy” feel when you step on the liner floor. And being one piece, they can breakdown as they expand and contract.

Long story short—liners are more of a cut-rate, temporary solution for tub and shower remodeling.

We’re the contractor you turn to for PERMANENT bathroom solutions. We tear out your old tub or shower, address any issues underneath, insert waterproof barriers, and then install a FULL shower or tub system.

Q: Is tub & shower replacement more expensive than a liner?
A: Actually, the price is very similar. Liner companies tend to be large national chains that markup their prices to cover their huge overhead. As a locally owned bathroom remodeler, we’re able to offer you our superior replacement solutions for a comparable price.
Q: Does tub & shower replacement take only one day?
A: Typically, yes. About 90% of the time, we’re able to replace your tub or shower in just one day. Rare circumstances (scope of the project, severe underlying moisture damage, etc.) may extend the project to two days, but those cases are highly uncommon.
Q: Do you consider the needs of senior citizens when installing tubs and showers?

A: Absolutely. We specialize in solutions that make bathing safe, accessible, and easy again. We can install walk-in showers and tubs… grab bars… slip-resistant flooring… bench seating… even therapeutic features like hydrotherapy jets.

Bottom line: Whatever you need to make bathing safe and pleasant, we can make happen.

Q: Will my bathroom remodel be disruptive?

A: We keep disruption to an absolute minimum. Since most jobs take only one day, you can expect a quick and clean installation. We also ensure to protect the floors of your home by placing plastic tarp down in the areas we walk.

Our post-installation cleanup is ultra-thorough. We pick up EVERYTHING, vacuum every square inch of where we worked, and make sure your home is spotless before we leave. The only way you’ll know we were there is by your beautiful new bathroom!

Q: What is your approach to sales pressure?
A: We’re about customer education—not obnoxious solicitation. One of our Consultants will take the time to listen to your needs, show you different design options, and help you discover the perfect solution for your situation and budget.
Q: What kind of warranty do you offer on your tubs and showers?

A: Our acrylic bathtub and shower systems are warrantied for life. You’ll experience low-maintenance performance that lasts.

We also carry the only bathroom products with the Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval. That means the materials we use are independently verified for the highest quality.

Q: If I have a question or concern during the project, will someone be available to talk to?

A: We are extremely approachable and happy to answer all of your questions. If you need to talk to us at any point during your project, we encourage you to do so. Your production manager is onsite working to get the job done and communicating with you along the way. When you pick up the phone you won’t be transferred to another department, but you will get results and answers right away.

Q: How much does one-day bathroom remodeling cost in New Jersey?

A: This depends on the company you choose and the scope of the project. What we can tell you is that we provide top value for your money. We use premium materials and installation to maximize your investment.

Are we the cheapest? Not necessarily. Are we the most expensive? Not necessarily. Do we work within YOUR budget to achieve excellent results? Absolutely. We invite you to reach out to us for a no-pressure, no-obligation estimate for exact pricing.

Q: Do you offer financing?
A: Yes, we offer flexible financing that can make your bathroom project a comfortable investment for you. Our most popular plan is No-Payment, No-Interest for 18 months. We can also get approved homeowners payments as low as $1.80 per day!