5 Major Differences Between Luxury Vinyl Tile and Traditional Ceramic Tile

Although traditional ceramic tiles and luxury vinyl tiles are comparable, they have their own differences based on quality and patterns. Ceramic tiles have been a popular choice among many homeowners for the past decades. They can easily be identified by their textured look and clean lines on the floor. Over recent years, different tile manufacturers have reinvented the structure of flooring tiles, which eliminate imperfections associated with traditional ceramic tiles. In this article, we will be looking at five major differences between traditional ceramic tiles and luxury vinyl tiles.

  1. Durability and Stability

The durability of a flooring tile is determined by the hardness of the topmost wear layer. Durable flooring is one that can take much use without wearing off easily. Traditional ceramic tiles can last for a long time if taken care of but heavy traffic can cause significant damage. The grouting may also fail causing the tiles to separate if they were not installed properly. On the other hand, luxury vinyl tiles are highly durable because their top layer is extremely hard. It is quite different from ceramic tiles, which are more prone to cracks and other damages. Luxury vinyl tiles have a degree of cushioning that absorbs the force from heavy objects making it less prone to breaking or cracking.

  1. Ease of Installation

Installing ceramic tiles can be quite messy since immediate action must be taken when a ceramic tile is compromised. Jagged edges not only threaten cuts or trips but also allow moisture and dirt to accumulate between or under the tiles. This can lead to other potential health hazards such as mold growth. The installation and removal of ceramic tiles also takes several days with minor tile replacements to ensure everything is in place. Luxury vinyl tiles correct these imperfections because the installation process is very simple. It takes a little time for them to be ready for use, thus you will not have to wait for several days for the process to complete.

  1. Environmental Impact

The impact of both the traditional ceramic tile and luxury vinyl tile revolves around their lifecycles. The process used to remove ceramic tiles involves smashing it into pieces. Ceramic tiles are not recyclable because reusing this type of flooring means you need to remove any spark of mortar, which is not worth anyone’s time. Furthermore, you will be left with broken bits, which cannot be put back together in a similar manner. The process of removing ceramic tiles directly impacts the area in which it is laid. It is nearly impossible to prevent thick clouds of toxic dust from forming when removing this type of flooring. Unlike ceramic, luxury vinyl tiles are recyclable and can be made using materials that are widely available.

  1. Look and Style

Ceramic tiles are widely available in different colors and patterns, which makes it easier to customize according to your color theme and décor. Although this may sound like a good selling point, it is quite difficult to change with the current trends. The installation and removal procedure of ceramic tiles is messy, costly and time-consuming. Luxury vinyl flooring can blend well with both traditional and modern styles because you can replace tile-by-tile. It has a wide variety of styles and looks that can mimic the looks of ceramic tiles. It is quite expensive to cut ceramic tiles or shape them to fit in different corners or angles. On the contrary, you can easily cut luxury vinyl flooring with a utility knife and straight edge. It is also possible to pull off the look of ceramic on luxury vinyl flooring.

  1. Cost and Return on Investment

The price of traditional ceramic tiles and luxury vinyl flooring may vary at some levels depending on their quality. However, the price of ceramic tiles may fall above or below luxury vinyl tiles when we consider the size, quality, color, and installation of the tiles. On the contrary, the durable wear layer and photographic technology of texture printing makes luxury vinyl tiles unique so that they can withstand extended use. Installing luxury vinyl tiles gives you a competitive advantage in the real estate market since it has higher returns on investment.

The primary difference between the two flooring options is that luxury vinyl tiles are highly durable compared to traditional ceramic tiles and can withstand heavy traffic. Although both of them have their own benefits and downsides, many homeowners prefer luxury vinyl tiles because of their unique beauty and long-lasting properties.