5 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When
Converting Their Tub To A Shower In
New Jersey

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Converting your tub to a shower is an enormous investment for your New Jersey bathroom. Not only is this going to give your bathroom a completely new look, but it can also add convenience for you and your family.

However, converting your tub into a shower can turn into a major nightmare if you make mistakes. Luckily, we are going to break down the five biggest mistakes that could happen, so you can avoid these errors.

Mistake #1: Attempting A DIY Replacement

The do-it-yourself market is vast! And if you watch all those DIY shows on television, you may have a false sense that you can complete a bathtub-to-shower conversion on your own. However, this line of thinking could be a huge mistake!

When anyone attempts a DIY project, there are always obstacles to be overcome. For example:

  • Do you have the proper tools for the job?
  • Are you 100% certain of what you are doing?
  • Do you have the time to do this?

These are just some obstacles you could face. In most cases, DIY bathtub to shower conversions end with calling professionals to fix the installation process.

However, in worse-case scenarios, the installation issues are discovered later when your new shower leaks, resulting in mold or mildew, or when subfloors become damaged past the point of repair.

Mistake #2: Not Fixing Damage Found

When removing an old bathtub, there may be damage under the tub from years of water leaks. One big mistake you want to avoid is not having this damage fixed. If damage is present, it needs to be repaired before a new shower takes the place of the tub.

If you were to avoid having this damage repaired, it could lead to weakened floors. And while this may not be an immediate issue, over years of water leaking, it can be a recipe for disaster.

Mistake #3: Going With A Liner

Many companies often offer a tub-to-shower conversion that is really just a liner over the current tub meant to modernize the look. This is not a true tub-to-shower conversion.

While liners may offer a new look at the moment, it will not provide all the benefits that your shower could have. In the end, a liner is no substitute for a full conversion and you will not be happy in a few months when the “new” feeling of the liner wears off.

Mistake #4: Hiring The Wrong Bath Remodel Contractors

Opting to turn your tub into a shower is a gigantic step. So, it makes sense to hire professionals to handle this. But when you hire the wrong professionals, this is where the trouble starts.

Hiring the wrong bath remodeling contractors could lead to delays in getting your project finished, products that are subpar, and overall unhappiness of the remodel.

Mistake #5: Not Factoring In The Bathroom Size

While everyone may want a shower that is large, you always have to take into consideration the size of your bathroom. Too many times after a tub-to-shower conversion, people find that the shower door doesn’t open enough because they didn’t factor in the overall size of the bathroom.

Remember, while a supremely large shower is appealing…if it does not fit into your space, it will be a colossal headache. The right professional handling your tub-to-shower conversion will ensure this is a mistake that you do not make.

Why Opt For Bathtub To Shower Conversions?

There are several reasons why New Jersey homeowners opt to get rid of old bathtubs and go with showers. These reasons include:

  • Using the shower feature of the bathtub more than the tub itself
  • Want a more spacious shower as tubs rarely have ample shower room
  • Looking for something more modern to update a bathroom
  • Stains, cracks, or peeling on the old tub make for an eyesore

Whatever your reason for wanting a new shower installed, you will find tub-to-shower conversions to be an incredible investment in your home.

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  • Trained professionals who are equipped to handle any issue that may arise
  • Upon removal of the old tub, we repair any damage that is seen
  • Our showers are made from acrylic, which is strong and maintenance-free
  • We offer tons of extras that can be placed in your new shower, including bench seats, grab bars, hand-held showerheads, and other items
  • We can complete the entire bathtub to shower conversion in just one day
  • We never change the bathroom itself, we do all the work within the current space you have
  • You will have a beautiful bathroom once we are done as we clean up all the mess so it will be ready for you to use and enjoy

Hundreds of satisfied customers are not wrong in choosing us, and you will not be either! Our dedication to excellence with every bathroom remodeling project we undertake in the New Jersey area is always seen. We will ensure we make no mistakes with your new shower installation.

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