5 Unique Bathroom Cabinet Ideas to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

An organized and user-friendly bathroom is characterized by accessories and high-tech elements behind the cabinet doors and vanity. Although some designs may appear fairly basic on first glance, you will find that the beauty of such storage units go far beyond the surface when you take a closer look. A bathroom vanity is not only a functional area but also a place where you store your toiletries and get ready for a beautiful day.

You have the freedom to put a lot of personality into space since it allows you to express your personal style. To set you up for your next bathroom-remodeling project, we narrowed down five unique cabinet ideas to consider and the way you can incorporate the trending designs of a bathroom vanity in your home.

1. Innovative Door Hinges and Drawer Runners

It sounds irritating hearing the sound of someone slamming cupboard doors and bathroom drawers early in the morning in a hurry to get ready for their daily routine. The sharp pain you feel when you slam your fingers when closing the cabinet fronts is not pleasant either. That is the reason why you need to install innovative door hinges and drawer systems such as soft-close drawer runners and push-touch drawers and doors. Although it might seem costly, it is worth a solid investment especially for people with mobility challenges and families with young kids. They are ergonomic, extremely durable, and safer because they offer smooth and silent function.

2. Drawer Organizers

Inserts that divide the storage spaces into a separate small section that are easy to manage bring order to messy drawers. They create enough space for different grooming essentials such as combs, brushes, razors, and skincare products. Creating a clutter-free setup gives you peace of mind and makes it easier to find what you are looking for even when you are in a hurry to prepare for your daily routine in the morning. One of the best ideas is to have a deep and roomy drawer with removable organizers and conceals two smaller drawers. With this setup, you can reconfigure the drawers when the need arises and take them out easily when in use.

3. Bright Lighting Ideas

If you are struggling to find certain items because of darkness, an inbuilt cabinet lighting can help you solve the problem. Instead of solid materials like stainless steel or wood, you can use an open shelving unit or glass shelves in your cabinet. Install recessed downlights to allow the light to reach the bottom of the cabinet. You can also use a backlit panel as it has the ability to illuminate the whole storage space. Instead of a switch-operated light, opt for sensor lighting that can turn on and off automatically when you open or close the cabinet door.

4. Mirrors Inside Out

Another trendy bathroom cabinet idea is to shop around for a bathroom cabinet that boasts a mirrored interior or talk with your designer about the available custom bathroom storage options. A mirrored back panel on a sleek cabinet allows you to see hidden items at the back of your cabinet reducing the time you take when searching for your stuff. Installing mirrors inside out has the advantage of providing quick and easy access to whatever you are looking for. For added functionality, an adjustable magnifying mirror that is built in the cabinet interior is ideal for users of different heights, as it can slide up and down easily.

5. Space Makers

It is essential to incorporate smart solutions in bathrooms where space is an issue or at a premium. The storage spaces can be skillfully designed to use every last inch or the room that is available. A pullout storage system can help you maximize space rather than a deep, tall and narrow cupboard fitted with basic shelving. It ensures that the contents in your cabinet can be accessed easily and are always visible. Other crafty storage solutions you can opt for include inbuilt compartments behind cabinet doors, rotating carousels and corner drawers for awkward nooks.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to create a unique bathroom cabinet, you can go all out to put a lot of personality in your space. A cabinet is one of the areas in a bathroom where you can express your personal style, as it displays your lifestyle and what you love about high-end designs. Whatever idea you choose for your bathroom cabinet, it is important to consider its functionality as well as the first impression it gives to an audience.