5 Walk In Bathtub Options to Make Your Bathtub Feel Like a Spa

The bathroom is the most dangerous place in a house for seniors and individuals with mobility issues. One way to increase safety, accessibility, and practicality in a bathroom is to make use of a walk-in tub. Although this feature is meant to add function to your bathroom, it does not mean that you just need a normal walk in tub. You can implement numerous options to make your bathtub feel like a spa, and this is what this article talks about.

  1. Spa Tub

If you are looking to have a bathtub that feels like a spa, the first option you have to consider is a spa tub. The word spa is a term used to refer to water treatment. Therefore, you can install a walk in bathtub meant to provide water treatment. Spa tubs come with strong jets, which mix the air into the water, producing a full massage effect. When you are looking for a spa tub for seniors or individuals with mobility problems, you should select an in-ground one. This is because it is built into the ground and can come with a bench, making it easy for anybody to access it.

  1. Hot Tub

Just because it is a walk in bathtub, it does not always have to be boring. You can create a spa-like effect in your bathroom by using a hot tub, without any other extra features. This is because hot water is known to have a relaxing effect, which can do wonders to your body. Although normal hot tubs are usually above ground, this does not have to be the case for you. The market has many hot tub designs that have a door for easy accessibility. The good thing about a hot tub is that it is a fully self-contained spa. All controls, plumbing, and other components are built in the hot tub cabinet. Furthermore, walk in hot tubs range from simple designs with few jets to complicated styles with a high jet count.

  1. Walk in Tub with Shower

If you still love taking showers and do not have extra space to have a shower installed, you can decide to go with a walk in tub shower. This walk in bathtub addition gives you a taste of both worlds. You can enjoy showering and the luxurious experience of the walk in bathtub. Most walk in tubs with showers come with dual showerheads and many features and safety options to give you that spa-like experience.

  1. Jacuzzi Bathtub

Jacuzzi bathtubs are known for offering a full spa experience, including hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, chromatherapy, whirlpool, and air spa. A Jacuzzi bathtub also comes with a fast-fill faucet, a handheld showerhead, and a tub body made of durable acrylic. All these features make it the best tub for hydrotherapy. Therefore, apart from helping you relax, a Jacuzzi tub can be used to treat headaches, depression, sleep disorder, joint, and nerve problem. A Jacuzzi is the kind of bathtub that you would find in a real spa. This makes it the best option for anyone looking to make his or her bathroom look and feel like a spa. A Jacuzzi bathtub also comes with a good warranty, making this spa-like tub one of the best choices for anyone looking for therapeutic options in a walk in bathtub.

  1. Combination Walk In Bathtubs

You do not have to select a walk in bathtub with just one unique feature, as you can always go for one with a combination of different attributes. For instance, you could go for a whirlpool and air combo tub. Such a bathtub is the ultimate when it comes to hydrotherapy and achieving a spa-like experience. The air jets in this tub produce effervescent bubbles, which lift your mood and the whirlpool jets have massaging properties that help relax your muscles. It does not matter whether you are starting or ending your day, a walk in tub with these features can ensure you clean your body with style, comfort, and grace.

The elderly and people with mobility issues understand the way it can be overwhelming to clean up in a traditional bathroom that has no extra features to promote accessibility and increase safety. Luckily, with walk in bathtubs, you and your loved ones do not have to worry about this. This is because a walk in bathtub allows an individual to do wash their body without the need for help. If you are in search of a better experience, you can implement the aforementioned options to make your bathtub feel like a spa. This will not only make your bathroom look luxurious but will also help you discover the healing benefits of a walk in tub.