7 Bathroom Accessories to Consider for a Handicap Accessible Bathroom

If you live with an elderly person or someone with mobility issues, then you may want to consider installing accessories to enhance your bathroom’s accessibility. This is crucial because it means that your loved ones will be able to use the bathroom independently, which is important for maintaining their dignity and boosting their confidence levels. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should completely remodel your bathroom. Adding simple accessories can make the whole difference for you. This article looks into seven bathroom accessories that you must have when trying to achieve a handicap accessible bathroom.

  1. A Handicapped Toilet Seat

The toilet seat should be made to accommodate your handicapped loved one. When thinking about a handicapped toilet seat, you do not have to remove the existing one and install a new one. Instead, all you have to do is purchase a handicap toilet seat that fits over your existing one. This makes sense because you do not have to replace your normal toilet.

  1. A Shower Seat

If you have a walk in shower, then you want to introduce a shower seat, which allows the bathroom user to seat when taking a shower. This is quite helpful because people with mobility problems may not have the strength to stand for long. Therefore, they need to be in a position to take a shower comfortably. Shower seats vary depending on the function. The most common seat is the portable one because it is cheap, easy to use, and ideal for small spaces. However, fixed permanent seats are also available. The seat you decide to go for will thus depend on what you would like to achieve.

  1. A Bathtub Lift

One problem that a person with mobility problems has to deal with every single day is getting in and out of a bathtub. To eliminate this issue, you can introduce a bathtub lift, which provides you with a chance to convert your normal bathtub into a disabled bath area. The lift can easily be fitted to the sides of the bathtub and works through electrical controls, which can be operated while the user is seated. The lift will lower you into the tub when you want to get in, and lift you out when you are done. Some bathtub lifts do come with a reclining feature, which allows you to lean back in the tub to enjoy a hot and relaxing soak.

  1. A Shower Wheelchair

Having a wheelchair accessible bathroom is important because most people with mobility problems use wheelchairs for mobility. Nevertheless, normal wheelchairs are not made for use in the bathroom. This is why you want to have a separate shower wheelchair, which will aid with mobility in the bathroom without being damaged by water and other elements.

  1. Safety Grab Bars

Handicap bathroom bars are another addition that you must have to make it easy for people with mobility problems to maneuver the bathroom. A person can hold onto them while walking around to avoid slip and fall accidents. Quality safety grab bars are made from durable metal and each bar is designed to fit certain areas of your bathroom like the tub, shower area, or toilet. Grab bars are the most inexpensive addition to your bathroom but will go a long way in assisting a disabled individual to move about with ease without the need of support from another person.

  1. A Hand-Held Shower

The normal shower is usually difficult to control, especially for the elderly and people with mobility problems. A hand-held shower solves this problem because you can easily remove it from its fixture and reposition it to your liking. You can thus use it while seated without the worry of having to reach the controls.

  1. Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Vanity

Another accessory that you can add is a handicap bathroom sink or vanity. This addition is important because most vanities are not made for people with mobility problems. You want to introduce a vanity that can be accessed on a wheelchair for easier use.

If you live with an elderly or handicapped person in your house, then you will want to ensure your bathroom is fully accessible for your loved ones. Adding handicap bathroom accessories like grab bars, a handicapped toilet seat, a shower seat, and a bathtub lift makes it easier for anyone with mobility problems to move around the bathroom without the need of help from others. This promotes dignity and boosts their confidence. If you are looking to install any of the mentioned accessories, consider reaching out to experts for the best handicap bathroom supplies.