These Are The Top Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

It’s a wonderful time of year to make some upgrades to your bathroom, but maybe you are unsure of what is trending in 2022. This year there are a lot of beautiful and intriguing design elements you can bring to your bathroom space. Bathroom Pros has a group of trained experts and design staff to help you through this transition of either upgrading your bathroom or doing a full bathroom remodeling project in 2022. But what exactly are the top bathroom design trends for 2022?

Here Are The Trends

2022 is filled with sustainability and a bit of vintage-inspired pieces. Matching these together with some unique geometric shapes and a bit of Scandinavian flair is really bringing 2022 to the pinnacle of bathroom design. Here are some trends for bathroom design in 2022:

A Little Bit Of Vintage & A Little Bit Of Art Deco Please

2022 is all about vintage-inspired pieces. We are leaving an era of fully modernist and classic white subway tile to bring in a bit more glamorous look for this year. Think beautiful lines with brass peacock-shaped towel hangers and some vintage-inspired mirrors as statement pieces. Along with the vintage and art deco-inspiration, you will find that some of the other primary trends of 2022 combine certain fundamentals of natural design with a hint of the glamorous.

Geometric Shapes

You may have heard that hexagon tile is making a return in 2022, but this geometric-shape fascination goes well beyond just the tile. In fact, it is being used not only on flooring and backsplashes, but also on lighting, and if you want to go a step further on textiles like towels and bathmats. Geometric shapes are hot in 2022. This is even a statement that can go as far as a hexagon-shaped or even diamond-shaped mirror to make the space feel modern and luxurious, but also keep to a very fundamentally-directed design model.


What exactly does Hygge mean? Well, in 2022 because of the change in remote learning and work from home influence, many homeowners are taking on this simplistic lifestyle within their bathrooms. Hygge is about pleasure and comfort. Many people live the lifestyle, but some want to use it in certain rooms in their homes such as a bedroom or bathroom because of the calmness it can bring in through simplicity. Clean and a true sanctuary with not a lot of extras when it comes to materials being faux and not an overwhelming amount of accessories. Just enough is more than enough when it comes to this Scandinavian trend in 2022.

Hot Colors For 2022

Well, not exactly hot–think of cooling tones that will make your bathroom feel clean and sanitary, but also invite you in to enjoy a more minimalist style. Now, even though you will be seeing a few vintage-inspired fixtures and some gorgeous hexagon tile, remember that these will be seen as accent features. It’s all about the calm and serenity this year. So, for minimalist colors, the trends for 2022 are focused on a layering approach of accent colors. You may have seen that the kitchen trend colors and bathroom trend colors are almost identical; baby blues and calming greens with a bit of natural tones in between. Once again, think calm. Think serene. Think, I can spend some time here and enjoy myself. It’s a calming sanctuary for my thoughts and also my morning self-care routine.


Once again, a return to nature. Sustainability is and probably will be trending well into the future and it’s important that we think about the environment. Investing in recyclable tile and also solid natural-wood vanities are trending in 2022 as well. With so many options, Bathroom Pros can really help you choose which ones are the best for not only your bathroom, but for the environment as well.

Bathroom Pros Is The Bathroom Design Expert

Bathroom Pros really love working with homeowners on bathroom design.  It’s actually a unique and fun process to visualize the possibilities of putting your own ideas in motion.  Let us help you get there with our design professionals and help you enjoy the new bathroom remodeling design project of your dreams. There are many trends for 2022 in bathroom design, but remember we still hold onto those traditional and modern pieces as well, so your vision is the one we want to achieve for you. Our reputation is very important to us and this is why you will find that we are the number one bathroom remodeling company in New Jersey.

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