Why Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey Is Taking A Little Longer Right Now

Material Shortages, A Limited Labor Pool,
And COVID-Related Protocols Are Causing Delays.

Here’s How We Ensure Your Project Gets Done
As Urgently As Possible… Without Sacrificing Quality.

COVID-19 has created some serious challenges for bathroom remodeling in New Jersey… with homeowners AND contractors feeling the effects.

Contractors are dealing with supply shortages, a picked-clean labor pool, and time-consuming on-the-job protocols. These issues trickle down to homeowners, who are experiencing project delays and longer-than-usual timeframes.

It’s a frustrating situation for everyone. Contractors want to keep their customers happy; homeowners want a great remodel in a timely manner. Pandemic-related issues are throwing buckets of cold water on both.

At Bathroom Pros, we practice open-book honesty. So we want to make you aware of what, exactly, to expect when you remodel with us right now.

To do this, we’ll explain the biggest challenges causing remodeling delays… and how we’re handling those challenges to provide you with world-class results as quickly as we can.

Because here’s the truth…

We’re on your team. Your frustrations are our frustrations. And that’s exactly why we are absolutely adamant about delivering an outstanding project.

Even if it takes a little longer.

Bathroom Remodeling Challenge #1: Labor Shortage

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the remodeling labor pool has dwindled. This is putting quality craftsmen at a premium.

Finding installers is easy. Finding a QUALITY replacement installer in this environment is like playing a game of Where’s Waldo

In downtown Newark…

While blindfolded.

As a result, most companies aren’t picky about who they hire. They take whoever has a pulse and can hold a hammer.

We’re different.

Even with the labor shortage, we REFUSE to hire unqualified people—period. We will NOT compromise the quality of your project. It’s just that simple.

Does our insistence on finding top talent mean your installation may take a little longer? It can.

If a situation occurs where we have to replace a crew member (due to illness, emergencies, etc.), we don’t just find the closest warm body. We look for an individual who will uphold our Core Values and quality standards.

Bottom line: Bathroom remodeling delays are a short-term frustration. A subpar bathroom remodel is a pain you’ll feel for FOREVER.

Bathroom Remodeling Challenge #2: Material Shortage

Product manufacturers have had to operate under various COVID-19 protocols over the past year, which has slowed down the production process. This has created a material shortage and backorders for many bathroom-related products.

Here’s the good news: Lead times have recently been improving. Quality manufacturers like ours are doing anything and everything to enhance efficiency and timeframes.

For example, BCI (our materials manufacturer) has just opened an 82,000sq ft warehouse/production space. This will allow them to significantly expand their production of spray foam tubs and showers, as well as wall surrounds.

It will take more time and effort to get back to pre-COVID manufacturing timeframes. But every day brings things a little closer!

The Results Are Worth The Wait

The pandemic has presented some hurdles for the bathroom remodeling industry—hurdles that are causing both remodelers AND customers to feel the effects.

But know this: At Bathroom Pros New Jersey, we’re doing everything possible to provide you with an outstanding exterior remodel. EFFICIENTLY and SAFELY.

Will it take a little longer for us to get to your installation? Possibly. When installation day comes, though, you can be certain we’ll be 100% prepared to complete your bathroom remodel in as little as one day.

Is it worth the wait? Our customers who have remodeled during the pandemic seem to think so…

“The initial inspection went as planned, with arrival times as promised. On the day before the work was to take place, we received a confirmation call advising of the expected arrival time. The following day they arrived on time as promised. From setup to cleanup, we could not have wished for anything better.”
-Charlene K.

“Our new bathroom was just completed and we couldn’t be happier! After dealing with various local contractors and having nothing but issues, we had Bathroom Pros come in. Not only did they do an amazing job, but they were also prompt, courteous, and completed a full bathroom remodel in 2 days as promised. The remodel came out even better than expected.”

-Katalina B.

If you’re looking for a New Jersey bathroom remodeler that works efficiently in these unpredictable times—WITHOUT sacrificing an ounce of quality—contact us today. We would be honored to speak with you.