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Say Goodbye To Bathtubs And
Hello To A Gorgeous Shower

Many people find that they simply hate their bathtub. They rarely ever sit and simply enjoy a bath. They just use the shower feature of the tub. They may see tons of scratches on their current tub, hate that it is an odd color or the like.

If you are one of those people that you hate your bathtub, then bathtub to shower conversions may be the bathroom remodel you need for your New Jersey home!

Our Recent Projects

Check out our recent bathtub to shower conversion projects to see if you could picture this in  your New Jersey home!

Dull Beige To Bright And Airy

Bathtub To Shower Conversion: Before And After


This project showcases a tub/shower combo that was commonly seen in the 80s. The beige color, heavy shower doors that slide, and tile around the tub all showcase just how outdated this is!

The new shower is absolutely gorgeous and brightens up the entire room. We can say that the homeowner was more than happy to say goodbye to the beige that had overtaken the room and to introduce white throughout the bathroom.

Sliding doors are much lighter, and thanks to removing the old tub, those who take a shower will have much more room! The added corner shelving and grab bar are super practical, just adding to the appeal of this new shower.

Dark And Dreary To Clean Lines

Bathtub To Shower Conversion 2. Dark And Dreary To Clean Lines

You have got to love it when the bathtub is colored and meant to match the walls! This is a very outdated tub with the shower doors combo. Along with the color being one thing the homeowner was tired of, many people complain about the mildew in these types of old shower doors.

These old doors hold water in the tracks, making them almost impossible to clean! After the tub to shower conversion from Bathroom Pros NJ, the old teal tub is gone and in its place is a standard shower with a beautiful white finish, and clear glass. This is going to be easier to clean and adds a modern look to the entire bathroom.

Replacing A Broken Shower

Bathtub To Shower Conversion 3. Replacing A Broken Shower

While this homeowner had a shower installed already, the entire room was outdated. And the shower was showing some wear and tear with peeling and cracking. After our installation, the room appears much brighter, and the shower included some extras like the handheld showerhead and the corner shelving, both of which upgrade the showering experience!

In addition, we were able to expand the size of the shower slightly, and we all know that every bit of space you can have in the bathroom is always appreciated!

Beauty And Functionality

Bathtub To Shower Conversion 4. Beauty And Functionality


This project was a typical tub to shower conversion. The space itself was rather large, so the homeowner had lots of options in what to do. However, the old tub was discolored, cracked, peeling, and the color was making this tub look dirty while dating the entire bathroom.

We removed the tile, and the tub, and even upgraded their flooring. The result is a more modern shower with frosted glass that includes corner shelving for easy storage. It took this bathroom from a 5 to a 10!

Could Your Bathroom Use A Tub To Shower Conversion?

So, when is it time to think about a tub to shower conversion in your home? Here are just a few of the reasons that many people decide that now is the time to get their dream bathroom:

  • Your current tub is showing its age, whether this is because of the color or the condition of the tub.
  • You want to update the tub to a shower for practical reasons like you simply don’t want a tub in your bathroom.
  • The current tub has leaks that lead to mold or mildew. In these types of cases, upgrading to a new shower is really the best thing to do for your health.

Whether you simply want this or you need this, a tub to shower conversion can be an option that you should consider for your home.

The Process Of A Tub To Shower Conversion

We offer our tub to shower conversions in just one day. This attracts many people as they realize they wouldn’t have to deal with months of renovations to get this new shower. We are in and out within the day, and your new shower will be ready to go when we leave.

Our process is straightforward. Our pros remove the old tub and check for any water damage that may be present. We will repair this if we find it.

We then lay down a layer that helps lock the new shower in place and prevent leaks and damage to your subfloor. Our team then installs the new shower in pieces to ensure that it is comfortably snug in your space.

We do not just put a pretty liner over your tub and turn this into a shower. We rip and replace, meaning you are getting a new shower with our tub to shower conversions. Even better, we use high-grade acrylic showers to replace your tub, ensuring that you have not only beauty but strength as well!

After we install your shower, we then clean up our mess, and let you enjoy!

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