When is the Best Time to Replace a Bathtub?

A bathtub offers peace and tranquility to homeowners as it is a place where you can indulge in comfort after having a long day. Some people also use their bathtub for therapeutic reasons such as treating aching joints and other types of pain. A nice, clean and functional bathtub is also a top-selling feature for any home since it provides an experience that people consider luxurious. However, if your bathtub no longer provides the necessary comfort and relaxation you desire, then you need to consider a replacement. This article looks into the signs that tell it is time to replace your bathtub.

  • If You Have Stubborn Stains

If you have tried removing stains but there is no significant improvement in appearance, then you should replace your bathtub. Stains from scale, soap scum, and mildew not only look bad but can also be dangerous to your health as they breed bacteria. If you are having a hard time keeping your bathtub clean, then it makes sense to have it replaced. The decision to replace your bathtub gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of designs and materials that suit your style and preferences.

  • When it Feels Outdated

Frequent use and repeated exposure to cleaning chemicals can discolor and damage the finish of a bathtub. A bathtub that no longer suits the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom can ruin your entire décor. A bathtub that feels so small can make you uncomfortable every time you are taking a bath. Reglazing or repainting an old bathtub is never the best option if you are having trouble fitting perfectly inside the tub. A new bathtub comes with enough space and other unique features that are designed to provide ultimate comfort.

  • Excessive Repairs

You might consider replacing your bathtub if you are constantly calling your local plumber to fix leakages and other plumbing issues. The little amounts paid for small repairs may turn out to be costly in the end since bathtubs are worn out over time with repeated use. While it may seem expensive to purchase a new bathtub, you tend to save more in the long term since you will not have to worry about frequent repairs and high maintenance costs. If your bathtub has major problems like holes, chips, and cracks that need to be filled up from time to time, consider replacing it with a new one as it saves both time and money.

  • Heavily Infested with Mold

Mold is a common problem in most homes and thrives well in moist and humid environments such as the bathroom. Mold can make your bathtub look unsightly and poses a significant risk to your health. If you are experiencing leaks with your plumbing, then mold will eventually follow and may be visible in tubs, sinks, and showers. Before replacing it with a new bathtub, the first thing you need to do is to find the source of the leak and fix it before the situation gets worse. If mold keeps reappearing despite your efforts to solve the issue, then you need to rework your plumbing and purchase a new bathtub.

  • Safety and Comfort

Bathtubs come with a wide variety of designs and configurations to meet the needs of every user and their housing situation. You might consider replacing a bathtub if you are remodeling a home for an elderly user. Most people tend to lose their balance and physical strength as they age. Because of these reasons, normal bathtubs may pose a significant risk of slipping and falling. If you are remodeling an accessible bathroom, you might consider replacing your current bathtub with a walk-in bathtub as it offers both safety and comfort to the user.

  • When Planning to Sell Your Home

A bathtub is one of the highly sought features in a modern bathroom and can have a huge return on investment if you are planning to sell your home in the future. Replacing your bathtub allows you to be creative with your new bathtub design and as it plays a significant role in your overall décor, a new bathtub not only has an aesthetic appeal but also delivers a great experience to the user.

A clean, functional bathtub is a unique feature in a bathroom as it adds extra comfort to your lifestyle. Replacing a bathtub not only makes your home look more attractive but it also increases your safety. You will not have to worry about mold, bacteria and other issues related to plumbing. It is important to have it installed by a professional to prevent any future problems caused by poor installation.