Do You Need A Permit To Remodel A Bathroom In New Jersey?

It’s so exciting to make the decision of remodeling your bathroom and creating a space for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. But, there may be one area of the remodeling project that you have not thought about and that is the necessity of a permit in New Jersey. Now, while no bathroom remodeling project is alike, the uniqueness of your bathroom may require a permit because of the decisions you make to complete the bathroom remodeling process. Here at Bathroom Pros, we have made it easy to understand the permit process in New Jersey for your bathroom remodel.

When Are Permits Required?

There are times when you absolutely need a permit and when you do not. The standing rule in New Jersey is if there is not a minor change, then a permit is required. Here are some instances where you will need a permit for a bathroom remodeling project in New Jersey:

  1. External Hose Bibs: If you are adding plumbing that will include hose bibs for the outside of your home
  2. Room Addition: If the bathroom remodeling project is part of a room addition
  3. Structural: If any structural changes are happening in your home, such as a load-bearing wall
  4. Electrical: Installing new electrical wiring or adding circuits
  5. Demolition: In New Jersey, you will need a permit for a dumpster if it is parked on a public street to haul away any materials
  6. Additions: If you are adding skylights, exterior doors, or windows that are being put in as part of a new opening to your home or bathroom
  7. Sewer line: Anything involving your sewer line
  8. Water heater: If you are putting in a new water heater
  9. New furnace or Air Conditioner: For heating or cooling the bathroom

When you do not need a permit for your bathroom remodel

These are a bit easier. In the state of New Jersey, remember that minor changes to your bathroom do not require a permit.

  1. Flooring: If you are pulling up tile and laying down new tile or hardwood flooring, there is no need to get a permit
  2. Countertops: Once again, this is seen as a minor change to your bathroom.
  3. Sinks: The replacement of a sink does not require a permit
  4. Toilets: This is again an easy fix, so it’s seen as a minor change, and no permit is needed.
  5. Certain electrical work: This would include minor electrical work such as changing out light fixtures in your bathroom.

How Bathroom Pros Can Help You Through The Permit Process

We here at Bathroom Pros want to ensure that your bathroom remodeling project is done at the highest quality level possible. The homeowner is responsible for knowing what permits are needed and obtaining them; however, both plans and drawings will be required for the process. We will help you obtain permits and ensure that we know exactly what permits are required for the job. Each permit has its own cost, and it also has its own purpose.

If you ever decide to sell your home, you will also need to furnish the permits during the selling process so that the new homeowner will have those records.


The State of New Jersey requires that all work be inspected by the state during different times throughout the bathroom remodeling process. The inspections are typically done before the bathroom is complete to ensure that it is sound both structurally, with plumbing, and the electrical is safe and complete. Bathroom Pros will help you to understand your remodel, the permit process, as well as the inspection to ensure that everything is completed in time and with as little disturbance and stress to your family life as possible.

Bathroom Pros Has You Covered

We understand that permits, inspections, and timelines can be stressful topics. But, we are here to help and make the process as fun and exciting as possible. Our reputation is well-known throughout the state of New Jersey, and we are licensed and educated about bathroom remodeling and what the state requires for your bathroom remodeling project.

Interested in learning more? If you’re in or around the New Jersey area, feel free to contact us to discuss starting your remodeling project today!

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