Features Of A Walk In Tub Shower

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom?  There are actually a lot of advances that have come into the world of bathroom design for both visual beauty and accessibility.  Maybe you are thinking about upgrading to a walk-in tub that also doubles as a shower. So many unique types of walk-in tub showers are available, and here at Bathroom Pros we are able to not only help you choose the best one for your home, but we can install it for you!  But, what exactly is a walk-in tub shower and what are some unique features that make it stand out?

What Is A Walk-In Tub Shower?

Simply put, it is an accessible bathtub with a very low threshold and a sealable door. It allows for flexibility when it comes to homeowners that want the convenience of being able to be safe in a walk-in tub without having to hurdle over the side to get in, but still want to be able to use the showering functions. So, it is a combination of features put together in order to not only create accessibility, but functionality and luxury as well. The bathtub can also function as a soaking tub. You can still choose to stand up or sit down and shower because of the easy access moving showerhead. But, what are some other features of a walk in tub shower?

Bench Seating

One wonderful feature of the walk-in tub shower is that there is typically a built-in seat which allows you to sit rather than lay in the tub. This can also aid in using the hand-held shower function and there are some models that actually have a rainshower function so bathing becomes not only safe, but luxurious. Because bench seating is safer than standing or even laying down in the tub, you can create a sauna-like feel which can help to aid your body in calming down and relaxing stiff muscles.


There is a lot of space within the tub area so this gives you the opportunity to move around the tub. Because these walk-in tub showers also fully seal once you close the door, you may turn on the bath and fill up after you are completely seated. This can easily decrease those safety concerns and can lead to great independence when it comes to both bathing and your lifestyle.

Slip Resistant Flooring

Slip-resistant flooring is a feature of a walk-in tub shower for many reasons. Yes, this tub shower combo is much safer than the standard, but just for a little added assistance, it’s important to have slip resistant flooring which most models come with. Typically, you will see this is vinyl but, if you are looking for upgrades, there are many more features such as natural stone.

Grab Bars

The grab bar is an essential part of a walk in tub shower. This makes for easy handling when getting in and out of the tub. You no longer have to hurdle over the side of the tub, but having grab bars allows for a more gentle motion of getting in and out without having to worry about counting on your balance alone. This creates stability and many homeowners choose to add these to their bathroom for accessibility reasons. Remember, you should always have a licensed professional install a grab bar. Bathroom Pros ensures that grab bars are installed properly with you in mind, depending on your height and your needs.

Hydrotherapy Jets

Truly, this is one of the greatest features besides gaining accessibility and independence. Not only are you able to be safer and gain confidence when bathing, you are able to improve your overall circulation and sooth those sore muscles. Having these types of jets in your walk-in tub shower can provide a lot of symptom relief for many injuries and some illnesses.

Independence & Hygiene

One feature that is rarely talked about with walk-in tub showers is their ability to help you gain confidence. Many homeowners who have gone through a surgery may not be able to do certain tasks any longer and this can not only be physically difficult, but it can affect your mental wellbeing too. Being able to take a bath on your own knowing that safety features have been put in place can make you feel more secure about yourself. It can also increase good personal hygiene because you are more confident about getting into the tub.

Bathroom Pros Is Here To Help

Bathroom Pros wants you to understand all of the therapeutic benefits of walk-in tub showers. Not only the safety features, but other benefits such as color chromotherapy, ozone therapy, purification, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy that can totally change your experience when bathing. Bathroom Pros follow all ADA guidelines and we ensure that products are from the best manufacturers possible. We want to help you to create not only a beautiful space in your bathroom, but a safe and accessible one as well .

Our reputation is part of who we are as a team and shows the high ethical-level of craftsmanship and quality when it comes to our installation process.

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