Heating Options for Bathrooms

Stepping out of a warm shower into a freezing room with cold tiles is one of the worst experiences you can ever encounter, especially during the winter season. A large home with a single furnace may not provide enough heat to all rooms including the bathroom. It is important for you as a homeowner to install the best heating option for your bathroom depending on the size and frequency of use.

A manual heating option is ideal for a bathroom used less frequently while a busy family bathroom may be in need of a permanent heating solution. This article looks into different heating options you can use for your bathroom and how they maintain the temperature at different times of the day as well as the cold season.

1. Radiant Floor Heating

This is one of the most expensive but effective ways of heating your floor. The temperature is regulated in a way that it cannot ruin your floor or burn your toes. This gives you peace of mind every time you walk out of a warm bathtub since you will not notice any change in temperature. The heating elements in the flooring require the expertise of professionals during installation whether you are renovating or installing a new floor in your bathroom.

2. Supplemental Heater or a Space Heater

This type of heater is usually mounted on the ceiling or inside the wall to provide warmth inside the bathroom. When installed correctly, it looks like a seamless addition to the room without creating a huge impact on your electricity bill. A supplemental heater helps to maintain the general temperature in the bathroom allowing you to enjoy a warm luxurious bath. It is also possible to paint a space heater to match the color on your walls.

3. Heated Toilet Seat

A standard toilet seat can give you the worst nightmare on a cold morning when you have just woken up from a warm and cozy bed. It would not cost much to have a heated toilet, seat as it provides a little luxury when the temperature is a bit low especially in the winter season. It offers a great addition to a bathroom because it is easy to install and can be attached to an existing toilet.

4. A Towel Warmer

A towel warmer helps to provide a comforting towel after a bath or a shower. Although they are considered as luxury items, they not only keep a towel warm but also provide additional heat to a bathroom. There are different types of towel warmers ranging from freestanding models to wall-mounted versions. The radiant heat systems are some of the best-designed units that provide reliable warmth throughout the space, using the circulating hot water in the heaters or boiler.

5. Infrared Lamp

Infrared lamps produce warming radiation making them ideal bathroom heating elements. They not only provide ample lighting but also adequate warmth to the entire bathroom that helps regulate the temperature during cold weather or seasons. The light bulbs need to be at least 250 watts to provide enough heat. The amount of heat provided by an infrared lamp may vary depending on the size of your bathroom.

6. Natural light

Natural light helps to reduce the use of artificial lighting as it makes the room feel warmer during the day. The best way to allow plenty of natural light into your bathroom is by embracing clear glass shower screens, skylights, and large windows. If you are concerned about your privacy then you can explore other options such as clerestory windows, acid-etched glass, and transoms. However, this option can be limited by a change in weather during different times of the day. If your bathroom does not receive enough heating from natural light, then you might consider other options for your bathroom.

7. A Fireplace

Another luxurious way of heating up your bathroom is adding a fireplace. Although it can be expensive to install, it is easier to maintain since it reduces your electricity bills by providing a natural source of heat. It also increases the value of a home when selling a property because of the great feeling it adds to space.

All the above heating options for bathrooms are effective but their costs of installation may vary depending on the size of your bathroom. Not only do they regulate the temperature of the space but are worth the additional cost because they increase the value of a home. Bathroom heating options are considered to be a wise investment because they have the ability to transform your bathroom experience every time you are having a bath or shower.