How do you make a Small Bathroom look Bigger?

Designing a bathroom when you have a limited space to work with can be quite challenging. Small bathrooms are one of the hardest spaces to work with because they are cramped and crowded with awkward layouts and limited natural light. Regardless of the shape and size of your bathroom, you can make it both stylish and practical using a bit of design savvy. To give it a larger look, you need to choose essential fixtures and color palate to employ some clever visual tricks. This article looks into several strategies you can use to make a small bathroom look bigger.

1. Cut Back Anything Sticking Out

The smallest piece of accessory or furniture that sticks out shrinks the room’s space. Eliminate all the large decorative accessories, hanging racks or wall shelves that cut into the room as it makes it look smaller. Some of these pieces are needed for their usefulness or comfort but if the room can feel bigger without them, then you can replace the items by getting new ones that can fit into tiny spaces. Cutting back anything that sticks out helps to create an illusion of expanding your room without adding any square foot.

2. Add Depths to the Walls

Adding depths to the walls does not necessarily mean you have to carve out some piece from the walls to create space. You can hang a framed picture that resembles a window extending out onto a beautiful horizon or a garden. Other homeowners get an artistic flair that can stencil or paint a decorative mural on an open wall. These artistic drawings can be used to expand the look of any space and they work pretty well in small bathrooms. You can always enlarge the feeling of the room using a piece of art that shows an outdoor vista.

3. Eliminate all Clutter

If you want your small bathroom to look bigger, only the essential must-haves need to be visible. Make the most of what you have by spending some time to organize the storage areas in vanity or a linen closet. A clean and well-organized bathroom always looks bigger than one which is dirty and cluttered. A handy way of freeing up space in a small room is using hooks and rails for clothing or towels since they only take a few inches on a door or wall.

4. Choose Functional Space-Saving Lights

The correct lighting is essential if space is limited in a bathroom. Try to eliminate shadows as much as possible since poor lighting makes a bathroom feel more cramped. You can install general and task lighting such as sconces on both sides of a vanity mirror. The light should be cast wide enough to avoid creating shadows on the face.

5. Go Big with Your Mirror

It is very easy to double the size of your space using a large mirror in the bathroom. You can use a custom-sized piece from wall to wall or splurge on a large mirror decorated with a beautiful frame. When you compare a large mirror with the price of tiling on the same wall, you will realize that a mirror can provide better value and a more dramatic look.

6. Create a Tiling Illusion

Plain-colored floor tiles are the best solution when you want to create the illusion of larger floor space. Most homeowners have the thought that small bathrooms blend well with small tiles. The numerous grouting lines make space feel much smaller than what it already is. To get it right, choose larger plain tiles that have fewer grouting lines to create an illusion of bigger floor space.

7. Use White Colors

Using white paint, white tiles, white vanity, and white towels can give your room a spacious look as a whole. Rather than absorbing any available light, it helps to reflect it reducing the darker spots in your bathroom. Any space can look bigger with white finishes but it tends to work more effectively in a small bathroom. However, using lots of white should not prevent you from adding a little bit of character to your bathroom. Use fabric accents, pale tile or stone, and molding to create different textural elements in the space.

A few changes to your bathroom go a long way to make dramatic differences in its size. Once you have successfully applied all these beauty tricks to your bathroom, you can also try out other rooms in your home. It is all about creating the illusion of space since no additional square foot is involved when implementing all these tips.