How Much Does a Full Bathroom Renovation Cost?

It is common to fantasize about all the expansive skylights, fancy hardware, and other extravagances during the early stages of planning a full bathroom remodel. However, reality can hit hard once you have determined the actual price for such perfection. Although you may face a few challenges along the way, it is still possible to create a bathroom of your dreams on a budget as long as you know when to scrimp and where it makes sense to splurge. This article looks at how much it costs to do a full bathroom renovation.

The Average Bathroom Renovation Cost

The costs of a full bathroom renovation may vary depending on the size of your bathroom and if you will hire a professional or handle everything on your own. A full bathroom is made up of four parts that include a sink, a bathtub, a shower, and a toilet. Each of these utilities is counted as a single quarter, which means that all the four quarters mentioned above make up a full bathroom when combined.

The average cost of a full bathroom remodel ranges between $9,600 to $11,000 with high-end models costing around $23,000 and $2,500 for low-end models. There are several benefits of having a full bathroom renovation as it improves aesthetics, safety, and comfort. It also increases your home’s resale value and has a high return on investment. It is also important to consider the price estimate of elements in each quarter of the bathroom to understand what drives the total cost of a full bathroom renovation.

Average Cost Based on Rach Bathroom Quarter

  • Sink

The sink is an integral part of the bathroom used every day for cleaning purposes. The average cost of replacing a bathroom sink can range anywhere between $150 and $500. Sinks come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and materials to suit the style of the room and the needs of the user. It is not always necessary to install a new faucet when replacing your sink as long as it is still in perfect condition. You have the option to purchase a new faucet that blends with the sink or furnish it to suit your style and preferences.

  • Bathtub

Freestanding and wall-to-wall built-in models are some of the most common types of bathtubs you can have in a full bathroom. The models may differ in terms of size, style, color, and material composition. The type of material, brand, and manufacturer may influence the actual price of a bathtub significantly. When doing a full bathroom renovation, you can replace either your old bathtub or reglaze it for a fresh new look. The average cost of a bathroom bathtub remodel can range anywhere from $1050 and $5600 based on the type of tub and the required modifications. Reglazing a bathtub can be an affordable option if it does not have any serious issues as it averages between $300 and $600.

  • Shower

The varied features and characteristics of shower mixers have a significant impact on their pricing. The cost of refreshing the look of a shower may be affordable but can attract higher costs when it comes to the installation of a hot water cylinder and a cold-water cistern. A shower renovation can cost anywhere between $1100 and $5500 depending on the scope of work to be done. Adult homes work well with full shower design as it allows you to take quick and convenient showers. A combination of both a shower and tub are suitable for families with younger children as it allows them to enjoy the convenience of a quick bath.

  • Toilet

The average cost of renovating a toilet average between $200 and $600. If you are replacing your toilet or want to make a few adjustments to your plumbing, then you need the help of a licensed professional to help you determine what will work best for your bathroom. The overall cost of your toilet renovation is determined its special features such as sleeker, colored, and elongated design.

It is also important to consider other bathroom elements such as the countertops, lights, flooring, and wall tiling as they influence the overall cost of a full bathroom renovation. Keep in mind that the cost of a full bathroom renovation may vary depending on the size of your bathroom, type of materials, and design ideas that need to be implemented. It is important to involve the expertise of a professional bathroom remodeling company when doing a full bathroom remodel to ensure that everything is up to standards and suits your style and specifications.