How To Choose The Perfect Vanity For
Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom vanities are the heart of any bathroom – they’re the center of hygiene and cosmetic activities. A vanity is a pivotal aspect of your bathroom for more than just being vain – it’s your bathroom’s primary storage location.

If you’re in the market for a bathroom remodel, then you are surely also exploring vanity options. Before searching for the best bathroom remodeling contractors in NJ, it’s essential to ensure you’re familiar with choosing the perfect vanity. After all, the planning phase is the first and often most crucial step of a complete bathroom remodel.

Here are the top features to not overlook when in the market for a new vanity for your bathroom remodel.

The Size And Scale Should Be In Proportion
To Your Current Bathroom

You’ve found the perfect vanity for your bathroom and are now ready to contact various bathroom remodeling contractors in NJ – or so you think. Did you take measurements of your current bathroom to ensure your vanity-to-be is proportionable to your existing bathroom?

The traffic flow of a bathroom is everything – perhaps even more important than the look and aesthetic of the bathroom itself. No one likes cramped and hard-to-manage bathrooms where elbows and walls are constantly at odds.

Here are four standard bathroom vanity width sizes and their respective use cases:

1. The 30-Inch Vanity

The 30-inch vanity is perfect for bathrooms with limited space or guest bathrooms. Vanities of this size can only fit one sink. While they have more limited counter space than larger vanities, as you will soon see, their potential for under-storage and maximizing drawer space remains if you take advantage of it!

2. The 48-Inch Vanity

The 48-inch vanity is a very flexible option as it is possible to fit two sinks – that said, this is the minimum size required for this. If choosing a 48-inch vanity with a single sink, you will receive plenty of counter space and storage while maintaining a relatively small footprint in the context of your bathroom’s overall size.

3. The 60-Inch Vanity

The 60-inch vanity is perfect for couples needing a his-and-her sink or for kids sharing a bathroom. Vanities of this size typically come with two separate under-storage areas with a shared column of drawers in the middle.

Comfortably fitting two sinks, this is the perfect option for a master or secondary bathroom.

4. The 72-Inch Vanity

The 72-inch vanity is the maximum size you will typically be able to find without ordering a custom piece. Obviously, this offers the most counter space for two sinks and massive storage.

This size may seem large, but many opt for it when sharing the vanity with someone else as it gives plenty of room to spread out. Be careful with this size, however – if you decide later to add cabinets or another feature to your bathroom elsewhere, this sized vanity could impede that process.

Vanity Height For Accessibility

Of course, finding bathroom remodeling contractors in NJ who specialize in accessibility is a must, but it doesn’t hurt for homeowners to educate themselves on this vital matter beforehand!

For those who have difficulty walking or will be using their bathroom sink from a wheelchair, it will be necessary to lower the height of the vanity. Whether you’re helping your aging parents remodel their bathroom or designing for accessibility in general, the height of your vanity will matter greatly.

Average vanities typically range in height from 30-32 inches in older homes – however, this average height has only increased yearly. You may see more modern homes with vanities as high as 36 inches.

For accessibility purposes, you should aim for a vanity height of 28-34 inches. Naturally, it depends on the height and needs of each individual, but the fact remains – when selecting vanities for accessibility, the height will more than likely need to be lowered from the standard.

Locating The Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor In NJ
To Install Your Vanity

The last consideration for the perfect bathroom vanity boils down to the contractor you choose – are they reputable, trustworthy, and accredited? Ultimately, the ideal size vanity won’t be perfect without properly installing all plumbing, mounting, and all other general installation considerations.

Here’s a quick checklist to keep in mind when seeking bathroom remodeling contractors in NJ:

  • Has an official address and place of business
  • Does not require a deposit of more than one-third of the total cost of the project
  • Has a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

If you’re still overwhelmed with choosing the right vanity or contractor in NJ for your full bathroom remodel, don’t worry! Here’s one of the best.

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Your Perfect Bathroom Vanity

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