Planning A Master Bath Remodel: Tips & Ideas

Plan A Breathtaking Master Bath
Remodel In Your NJ Home

Are you a New Jersey homeowner thinking about remodeling your master bathroom?

First off, good on you — you’re making an EXCELLENT choice. A master bathroom renovation not only looks fantastic, but it can also increase the convenience and comfort of the space.

That said, you’ve got to make sure you get your bathroom remodel done RIGHT. Who hasn’t heard those horror stories about remodeling a master bath that didn’t go according to plan? Being prepared and planning for your master bath remodel is how you avoid these types of disasters!

Luckily, we have a few tips and ideas that you can use to plan for your master bath remodel.

3 Tips To Plan Your Master Bath Remodel

1. Star Visualizing What You Want

When you think about your perfect master bathroom, what do you see? This is the first step in planning for your master bath remodel. You need to determine a general sense of direction for the project.

You can find inspiration in numerous places, whether this is through home remodeling magazines, Pinterest, or the like. And if you have a tough time figuring out what you want, consult a professional bathroom remodeler.

For example: When you work with us, you can choose from 100 bathroom styles and design combinations. And we’re happy to guide you through the selection process every step of the way.

2. Determine Your Priorities

What priorities do you have for your master bath? Do you want a walk-in tub? Maybe you want to turn your old bathtub into a beautiful, low-barrier shower?

Knowing what has the highest priorities in your master bathroom remodel will give you a better idea of what you are wanting in your master bath. Plus, it can help you to determine your overall cost, by knowing what you will not skimp on having in your bathroom.

3. Find Professionals To Handle Your Master Bath Remodel

While there are tons of people out there who may decide to handle a master bath remodel on their own, it is not advisable. A master bath remodel is more complex than what people realize as it involves plumbing aka an integral part of your home.

When it comes to finding the right professional, you want someone that has proven work in master bathrooms, as well as someone who can offer a timeline that works with your schedule. At Bathroom Pros, we offer complete bathroom makeovers in just two days!

Ideas For Your Master Bath Remodel

While finding inspiration is one of the first tips for planning your master bathroom, many people go into this knowing that they want something updated and better, but really have no idea beyond that. We have some trends that are all the rage when it comes to a master bath remodel.

Spa-Like Feel

One of the biggest trends that people are using as a basis for their master bath remodel is the “spa” effect. How can this be done? The use of a large walk-in shower and a large garden tub is a great way to achieve it. In addition, upgrading the flooring in the bathroom, as well as ensuring that the shower is tiled in relaxing colors, like cool blues and whites, all help to create this spa-like feel.

While having both is not always in the cards due to space, most homeowners simply appreciate the option.

All White

The use of all white in a bathroom is a trend that has been around for years, and it shows no signs of leaving. All-white cabinets, backsplashes, tile in the shower, and even the floors can help any bathroom appear larger than what it really is.

With all-white, you can opt to add color with towels, shower mats, and the like, or even keep with the all-white theme with white accents throughout the bathroom.

Comfortable Yet Modern

One trend that is being seen more and more is going with a design meant to be comfortable, yet also modern. Comfort items may include a detachable showerhead, a bench seat in the shower, or other elements. This is not only going to make the master bath more comfortable but also can be a safer option for many homeowners.

Modern elements include new up-to-date flooring and vanity to complete the look. Add in some personal touches with elegant decor throughout the room, and you will have a gorgeous master bath!

Neutrals And Hardwood

The use of neutral colors, a white shower or tub, and a luxury vinyl floor that is meant to look like hardwood is not only beautiful but will hold up for many years. This is just one trend that many people are choosing for the master bath.

With this type of style, you will find that changing up the colors of towels or even adding wall art, can lend a different look to the master bath whenever you want!

Turn To The Pros For Your Master Bath Remodel

When it comes time to start your master bath remodel, remember to turn to the pros for help. Having trusted professionals on your side will ensure your master bath remodel turns out great and adds value to your home owning experience.

The Bathroom Pros are here to make any master bath remodel a reality. In just a few short days, we can remodel the master bath in your home to make it breathtaking! It will quickly become your favorite room of the house, so contact us today to get started.