The Beautiful Aesthetic Of Wood…
With NONE Of The Moisture Issues.

At Bathroom Pros, when we build your dream bathroom, we want to be ABSOLUTELY sure that we’ve created a space that’s beautiful and practical. If your New Jersey bathroom is stunning but the floor absorbs water, it won’t be stunning for long. And if your remodeler is solely focused on practicality, your bathroom won’t be a comfortable, relaxing space.

That’s why we offer luxury vinyl flooring – a flooring material that’s made of vinyl but looks like wood.

This way, your bathroom floor will have all the beauty and sophistication that wood flooring offers, but none of the unpleasant mildew, warping, and discoloration that happens when you have real wood flooring in your bathroom.

We take FULL accountability for the products we install in your bathroom. If a product looks nice but doesn’t do the job, that’s not going to cut it for us.

No Need To Compromise On Beauty

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Sample 2 Bathroom Pros Of Nj

What does your ideal bathroom floor look like? Rich wood?

Real wood is not practical for your bathroom floor because they’re not waterproof, but that doesn’t mean you need to let go of your vision. Luxury vinyl flooring can give you the EXACT look you’re going for – and it’s water resistant!

With our luxury vinyl flooring on the scene you can have all the warmth and vibrancy of wood without the impracticality that comes along with the real deal. Vinyl flooring is made to replicate the flooring of your choice to a tee, even to the trained eye.

You Can Breathe EASY

When you’re constantly checking to make sure no water is escaping your tub and pooling on the floor, you’re not going to have a very relaxing shower. And if you’re worried about your bathroom floor not holding up to all the foot traffic day in and day out – you won’t be able to feel at ease.

Luxury vinyl flooring is engineered specifically for substantial use. This means that it’s designed to be stepped on often and used to the max without getting scratched, stained, and warped. In fact, it’s so sturdy that we offer a LIFETIME product warranty for all vinyl flooring.

Say Goodbye To Stains

Wood is porous. This means that if you spill a bit of nail polish or hair dye on your wooden bathroom floor – it will be there forever. Vinyl flooring is made of vinyl, which is a non-porous material. If you spill anything on your vinyl floor, you can simply wipe it right off.

Overall, our vinyl flooring is super low-maintenance. There’s no need for any waxing, polishing, sealing, or staining. Once it’s installed, you’re good to go!

Try It For Yourself!

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Sample 1 Bathroom Pros Of NjWe partnered with All State Flooring Distributors because they offer vinyl flooring options that are breathtakingly beautiful and 100% waterproof. They have multiple styles, colors, and shades – something for everyone.

Contact the NJ bathroom remodeler that gives you the best of both worlds – beauty and functionality. When it comes to making your bathroom a space that wows AND serves you well, Bathroom Pros has got you covered.

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