Would You Like Your New Tub Or Shower
With Bounce Or No Bounce?

Here’s How To Avoid The Unstable Feeling
That Comes From A “Spongy” Shower Surface.

Some things are meant to bounce.

Basketballs. Pogo sticks. Trampolines. Your hair after a salon appointment.

But do you know one thing that should never, ever bounce? Your shower or bathtub floor.

Unfortunately, many one-day bathroom remodelers haven’t gotten this memo. It’s why they install cheap acrylic liners that are notorious for their squishy, spongy, bouncy flooring.

Here’s what you need to know…

What Is “Shower Bounce”?

It’s the spongy, bouncy feel your floor has when an acrylic liner is placed over your existing tub or shower.

When you get a liner installed, there is a small gap between your old shower floor and the liner. Step on the liner’s floor, and you’ll feel it give a little bit. When you step off the liner, the floor will “bounce” back up.

Some homeowners call it a “spongy” feel. Others call it “bubbly” or “squishy.” But whatever you want to call this bounce effect, here’s the bottom line: You don’t want it.

Why Is Shower Bounce A Problem?

Shower/bathtub bounce may not seem like a big issue. But there are four big reasons homeowners hate it:

  1. It causes more anxiety about slipping or falling. Let’s face it: Wet areas like showers are already a source of concern for falling. Having something that feels less than solid under your feet only increases that feeling.
  2. Shower bounce usually means water infiltration. The squishy, spongy, bouncy feel typically means water is caught between the new liner and your old shower/tub. Not good!
  3. It makes your shower feel cheap. Whatever decision you make for your bathroom is usually something you live with for the rest of your time in your home. Stepping into a shower with a bounce is a constant reminder of taking a shortcut.
  4. You’ll wonder what other problems are under your liner. Acrylic liners are notorious for just covering up old problems instead of getting rid of them and starting fresh. “The bounce” is only one of the most obvious problems being covered over. What else is covered up when you choose an acrylic liner?

How To Guarantee A No-Bounce Shower Or Tub

The best way to ensure a bounce-free shower or tub is to avoid companies that install one-piece liners. Instead, choose a New Jersey bathroom remodeler that performs a full tear-out of your existing shower or tub.

At Bathroom Pros, we completely remove your old tub or shower before installing your new one. In other words—WE DON’T DO LINERS.

This makes all the difference in the world. Not only do our tub and shower systems eliminate “bounce,” but they’re also MUCH more durable than cheap acrylic liners. And—just like liners—our bath systems are installed in as little as one day.

It’s true: We deliver superior quality in the SAME amount of time!

The bottom line…

If you want to bounce, buy a trampoline.

If you want a lifetime of stress-free luxury bathing, contact Bathroom Pros New Jersey.