These Are The 5 Of The Words That Pop Up
Most In Our Customers’ Google Reviews

From “Cleaned” To “Efficient,” Here Are The Terms
You’ll See Over & Over When You Explore Our Reviews.

If you’ve ever looked at a company’s Google reviews, you’ve probably noticed a “People Often Mention” (POM) section at the top of the page.

It looks like this:


Bathroom Pros New Jersey Google Reviews People Often Mention

Google, being the smarty pants it is, identifies the most common words people use when reviewing a business. Google puts those terms above the reviews to give you a quick snapshot of what you can expect when working with a company.

So… what do Bathroom Pros NJ customers mention most in their Google reviews?

Besides common industry words like “shower” and “floor,” here are the top 5 terms our customers use in their reviews:

  1. “Job”
  2. “Cleaned”
  3. “Sales”
  4. “Crew”
  5. “Efficient”

Common terms in Bathroom Pros Google reviews

A few of these are a little vague on their own (ex: “job” and “sales”). So let’s look at each one a bit closer…

Common Review Term #1: “Job”

Besides “shower,” “job” is the word people mention most in our reviews. What you can’t see from the POM section are the superlatives our customers use in front of “job.” Those are important!

Review Samples:

“The teams that did the work did an excellent job at a speed and quality that was to be expected for this kind of job.”

“Angelo and Don did a great job with the installation.”

“They paid attention to details and did an awesome job.”

Common Review Term #2: “Cleaned”

Right after “job” comes “cleaned.” Our process includes a thorough cleaning after we complete your bathroom remodel. We sweep, vacuum, and comb over every inch of the job site to make sure it’s spotless.

Review Samples:

“They were courteous, conscientious, efficient, hardworking, and cleaned< up afterward, leaving it better than it had been before.”

“They were on time, cleaned up after themselves, paid attention to details, and did an awesome job.”

“Will spent time cleaning up after the job and left the bathroom better than it was before they came.”

5 Common Words In Our Google Reviews

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Common Review Term #3: “Sales”

Hearing the word “sales” describe a remodeling company might make you cringe. After all, this industry is (in)famous for its high-pressure salespeople and tactics.

But in our case, it’s the opposite. We actually don’t have salespeople—we have Design Consultants. So when our customers use “sales” in their reviews, here’s what you’ll see…

Review Samples: 

“The salesman, Tom, wasn’t pushy and was fun to work with.”

“The salesperson was very nice and took his time to explain everything, no pressure to purchase.”

“The salesperson, James, was prompt, courteous, and professional!”

Common Review Term #4: “Crew”

It’s not just our Design Consultants that provide a great experience. Here’s what you’ll hear our customers say about our installation crews…

Review Samples:

“The crew that installed were very professional and very careful with everything. They were always on time to start the workday, even early.”

“The crew at my house (Rich, Larry, and Angelo) was wonderful. Very detail-oriented.”

“The crew I had was phenomenal.”

Common Review Term #5: “Efficient”

Last but definitely not least is “efficient.” When you promise bathroom remodeling in as little as a day? You better be sure you have the people and processes in place to deliver on that promise.

We do.

Review Samples:

“I cannot stress enough how professional, efficient, and friendly everyone was at Bathroom Pros.”

“They were courteous, conscientious, efficient, hard working and cleaned up afterward, leaving it better than it had been before.”

“If you need efficiency, look no further.”

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