Walk-In Shower For 104-Year-Old Mom

Project: Bathtub Remodeling; Full Bathroom Remodeling; Shower Remodeling;
Area: Toms River, NJ


Landa thought we were so nice that she used us twice.

She had bought her house from a flipper nine years prior. For the first project she hired us for, we performed our famous 2-Day Deluxe Bathroom Remodel on her master bath. We replaced her tub, vanity, toilet, fixtures, and floor. The project was smooth sailing from start to finish.

The second project? That’s a different story.

Landa’s 104-year-old mother-in-law lives with her. When Landa called us for that second project, she wanted to install a walk-in corner shower so her mother-in-law could bathe safely again.
The typical walk-in shower installation takes us one day… but this wasn’t the typical scenario.

When we started removing the old shower, we noticed a problem: Water damage. And a lot of it.

It turns out that the old shower had a spraying leak where the valve was. As a result, EVERYTHING underneath the shower was totally rotted out. The rafters… the floorboards… all of it needed to be replaced.

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Fighting For Our Customers

In extreme cases of water damage like this—in which the repair is going to be VERY costly—it’s best to file an insurance claim. But if you’ve ever dealt with an insurance company, you know they’re not exactly generous. You have to know exactly who to talk to and what to say to get the money you deserve.

If you’ve read our Preventing A Condo Christmas Catastrophe case study, you know we can help with just that.

Project Manager Rich Grabowski worked construction for insurance companies for years. He’s got the inside scoop on what it takes for homeowners to get the best deal.

Naturally, Landa’s insurance company offered her an initial sum WELL below the cost of the repair. So Rich got involved. He walked Landa through the claim process… and helped her secure a $10,000 check from her insurance company!

The Final Result

Once Landa received the money, we replaced ALL of the damaged areas. We used premium-quality plumbing and drain materials to ensure an issue like this never happened again. Then we installed a beautiful walk-in corner shower for Landa’s mother-in-law.

Here is the result:

Walk-In Corner Shower Toms River NJ 1
Walk-In Corner Shower Toms River NJ 2

Landa and her mother-in-law are thrilled about the new shower. And we’re just as thrilled to be able to provide it for them.

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