Why We Don’t Believe In One-Size-Fits-All Bathroom Solutions For NJ Homeowners

And How We Make Sure You Get The Bathroom Renovation You TRULY Want.

Let’s face it: There are a LOT of contractors in New Jersey who say they can remodel your bathroom.

Some offer the “you just need a new tub liner” answer—fast and cheap. They cross their fingers and hope that you won’t notice that they have a grand total of one solution.

Other companies push a complete overhaul of your bathroom regardless of its overall condition or what you tell them you want. But why would you pay tens of thousands of dollars if a total remodel is not what you want?

Bathroom Pros New Jersey is different. Following our bedrock philosophy that bathroom remodeling should be easy, we can give you the exact solution YOU want—not what We want to sell you.

One-Day Bathroom Remodels

If you want to have your bathroom installed fast and to keep costs down, we offer the following premium one-day remodels:

We know there are a lot of contractors out there now offering one-day solutions, but we’re different. Many one-day solutions” use a flimsy fiberglass or low-quality acrylic liner. These inferior materials are more likely to crack and bend.

We, however, use high-end, ultra-thick acrylic systems. They are far superior—stronger and more durable—than flimsy fiberglass and run-of-the-mill acrylic. They’re also easier to clean… just spray and wipe!

Bathroom Pros New Jersey Bath Planet Dealer

Full-Scale Bathroom Remodeling

What if you need more than your wet area renovated? We’ve got you covered there, too.

We offer full-scale bathroom remodeling that includes renovating your bathing space, flooring, vanity, lighting, and more. Honestly, there isn’t a single area we CAN’T transform within your bathroom’s existing footprint. We can literally install a completely new bathroom based 100% on your choices.

When one of our experts visits your home for your free bathroom consultation, we will listen to you first. Once we have a clear picture of your remodel, we will be able to walk you through a solution that is customized to your exact situation.

Installation By PROVEN Bathroom Remodeling Experts

There is no area of your home where it is more important to get installers who know exactly what they are doing. Inexperienced installation will mean leaks, cracks, or worse—often sooner rather than later. These leaks not only can cause serious damage, but they can also make your bathroom area less safe.

We strongly recommend against trying to do the work yourself or selecting an unproven contractor. It often ends with you having to pay for the project again—this time to get true experts to fix it. Be sure to check the reputation of anyone you are considering.

Ask for references, testimonials, and info about awards they’ve won. You can never have TOO much evidence that a bathroom remodeler will “walk the talk.”

What You Need To Understand About Price

We are sometimes asked if there are cheaper options available. We always answer immediately: YES.

We have seen many companies come and go. Without fail, the ones that go out of business quickly are the same ones that offer radically low prices. And now they are not there for their customers if there is a problem. They just were not realistic about the true costs of installation and materials.

Any home improvement business that is advertising unbelievably low prices is doing something to sacrifice quality… some key ingredient that should NEVER be sacrificed. It might be using inferior products. It might be hiring from the bottom of the labor pool. Or it might be a lack of service and support when their customers need it.

We would rather charge our customers a reasonable, fair price and deliver more REAL VALUE than any competitor. Price should be one important factor in a decision. If it is the only factor, you might end up paying more to do it over… not to mention the stress of a bad home improvement choice.

Another big plus to calling us for a free bathroom consultation is the variety of budgets we can work with. When you offer the incredible range of solutions that we do, you can scale the project up or down based on your wants and your budget.

Bottom Line: We Develop A Custom Solution For YOU

If you are really ready to get rid of your old bathroom, you won’t find a New Jersey bathroom contractor that can offer you a wider range of quality solutions.

Contact us today to schedule a free design consultation. We would be honored to discuss your project and help you develop your vision!