Welcome To The NJ Bathroom Remodeler That Communicates EFFECTIVELY

We Keep You Updated. We Listen To You. And We Check In With You. ALL THE TIME.

Sometimes it seems like the first lesson in contracting school must be ‘how to fail at communicating’. If you’re a New Jersey homeowner, you’ve no doubt had your fair share of dealing with contractors who get an “F” in communication. They either communicate poorly or don’t communicate at all.

In reality, proper communication is simply the first thing to go when the workload is intense and schedules are tight. Two things that are ever-present in a remodeling company.

It takes self-awareness, hard work, and a willingness to grow to make communication your company’s strong point, instead of its weakest.

At Bathroom Pros, communicating with customers regularly and effectively is a PRIORITY.

We Follow The “Three Ring Rule”

Calling your remodeling company and listening to the phone ring…and ring…and ring…and ring, is FRUSTRATING. It’s a total waste of time for you to listen to a ringing phone, when you could be living your life.

That’s why we only let our phone ring THREE times. Three is the magic number. If we don’t pick up within those three rings — our answering service picks up and sends us a message that you called. When we get the message from our answering service, we call you back as soon as we can.

We Adapt To YOUR Communication Style

Some people are phone call people. Some people are texters. And some are neither. We RESPECT that. That’s why we never have just one hard and fast way that we communicate — we’re flexible.

In our welcome phone call to you, we don’t just take down your email address and your phone number. We make sure to take down your preferred method of communication. And we actually go according to what you tell us.

We also follow your lead to know how OFTEN to text/call/email you. Too few updates on your project and you’re left feeling abandoned. Too many updates, and you have a headache. We don’t want you to feel any of those things! That’s why we make sure to check in with you about how often to check in with you.

We Always Let You Know What To Expect

Giving you a 15 minute rundown of your bathroom remodeling project is great. But pinging you out of the blue, when you might be busy with something else, is not so great. Part of good communication is taking the time to give you a heads-up about the next time we’ll be reaching out to you.

When you sign our contract, we let you know to expect a welcome call from us within FOUR days — no more, no less. And then, when we have that welcome call with you, we let you know that our accounting department will be reaching out to you a week after your materials were ordered to discuss your next payment.

We also have a wrap-up call with you when your project is concluded to give us both proper closure.

Letting you know what to expect makes our entire process smooth from beginning to end.

You Deserve Better

STOP dealing with companies that don’t keep their promises, never show up on time, and leave you in the dark. Call Bathroom Pros because you deserve better. We answer your phone calls, we give you updates, and we always tune in to what you have to say.