What Is The Average Price Of A Bathroom Remodel?

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?  It’s such an exciting project and can change the way you think about your home, uplift your mood, and bring value to your home.  But, you may be wondering about the average price of a bathroom remodeling project and whether or not you want to take the plunge.  There are many homeowners that consider the remodeling process to increase space and increase property value, but also because things have changed in their lifestyle and those changes have become necessary.  Additionally, some homeowners are interested in creating a more luxurious and calming space, so figuring out an average price can be difficult because everyone has different needs.

Here at Bathroom Pros, we make it easy by walking you through the bathroom remodeling process and helping you to decide what’s best for your budget. We can also help you with choosing the right fixtures and upgrades.

But, first things first. What exactly is the average price of a bathroom remodel?

These Are Five Factors To Consider For Your Budget


What kind of space are you working with, and how large is your space?  This is one of the primary factors when starting with the initial ideas for your bathroom remodeling project.  The size of your project will be one of the main points of figuring out your budget.  If you are working with a very small space that consists of a shower, one vanity, and just a few fixtures, you may be considering expanding the amount of square footage.  When this happens, that is when your budget will increase.  So, first, decide on whether you want to increase the size or simply want to change the functional design of the small space instead.

Simple Conversions

A full bathroom remodel or just a conversion from shower to tub or tub to shower?

Another great question to ask when it comes to your bathroom remodeling project.  It may be as simple as a one-day conversion if you are just looking for a simple modification. There are so many options for turning a bathtub into a single standing shower, which can be easy on the budget.  However, if you are looking to add in new fixtures such as a larger vanity, new accessories, and subway tiles on the walls and the floors, the budget can take a turn in a whole new direction.  Starting to think about your budget early on with a choice of a simple conversion versus an entire bathroom remodel is key.


You can choose several different types of upgrades when doing your bathroom remodeling project.  Think of it!  Beautiful new tile, a double vanity, bright new colors, gorgeous lighting, and the ability to make the room your own.  It’s incredible how you can completely change the entire look of your bathroom from simple to highly customized changes; this will be a big part of your budget.  Bathroom Pros can help you save in this area because we can make suggestions for different types of style, decor, and tile to help you make some wonderful decisions with your budget in mind.


Many homeowners may be going through a change where accessible fixtures can make a huge difference in the way they live.  So, adding in a walk-in bathtub or even a seamless low-step shower can be effective.  There are also options for items such as grab bars and no-slip surfaces.  Bathroom Pros can go a step further and even help to enhance the room for wheelchairs and those that may not be able to move easily within the current layout of your bathroom. But don’t be afraid of the cost as many options are available for your budget!


Personal preference is the name of the game when coming to your bathroom remodeling project, and this can really dictate your budget.  Many homeowners want a certain look and have spent countless months deciding what they truly desire. For example, if your lifestyle is clean and modern, there are many choices.  If you want luxury and affordability, we can help you there as well.  You can turn your bathroom into a palace with a chandelier, marble flooring, and a bathtub that comes equipped with hydro jets and aromatherapy.   Or, you can keep it slick and modern and just increase the size of the room for accessibility.  The choice is yours.

The Average Price Of A Bathroom Remodel

It varies.  Consider your lifestyle, your needs, and your overall aesthetic to cement a budget early on.  Also, don’t forget space is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the average price of the bathroom remodel.  If you plan to expand the actual square footage and take down walls, you will see a larger budget and estimated completion date for your project. If you are looking for small remodeling ideas or ones that do not involve a large amount of labor and construction, consider your fixtures and lifestyle to inform your budget.

Bathroom Pros Has You Covered

In any case, we can easily help you to figure out your budget and what will work for you.  Remember, removing walls to increase the size of your bathroom or significant electrical work that includes permits and inspections can result in a higher project cost. These are all elements that we can help guide you in until you’re satisfied.

Our reputation is well-known throughout the state of New Jersey, and we absolutely love helping our wonderful homeowners create the best bathroom for them.  We are educated and licensed and have what it takes to create the best bathroom for your lifestyle and budget.

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