When Should I Consider Replacing My Old Bathtub?

Bathtubs have always been a huge selling point for houses because of their functionality and aesthetic beauty. You also enjoy taking warm baths while relaxing your muscles after a long day. However, an old bathtub can be quite the opposite especially when you do not like its appearance every time you enter your bathroom. Most fixtures in a bathroom wear out quickly because they are used daily for your hygiene regimen. Here are a few signs that tell your old bathtub has served its purpose and is now worthy of a replacement.

1. If You Experience Frequent Leaks

A bathtub that experiences frequent leaks can be hard to fix however much you attempt making repairs. A leak can be detected when the level of water in your bathtub lowers after a few minutes. When you listen closely, you will hear some water draining from the tub. If you have to refill your bathtub periodically when taking a bath then it is time, you considered replacing it with a new one. Although repairs can be cheaper, these leaks open up after some time and eventually you end up spending more on repeated repairs.

2. When You Notice Discoloration

No one likes the appearance of a stained bathtub as it makes your bathroom look dirty and awful. This creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and harmful germs. It is hard to relax and enjoy taking a bath in a place that is potentially harmful and can impact negatively on your health. If you have tried cleaning your old bathtub but you cannot get rid of stubborn stains, then you are better off with a new one. Replacing your bathtub means that you will not have to spend a lot of time and effort sanitizing or scrubbing stubborn stains.

3. Recurring Mold and Mildew

Mold loves to grow in damp environments and places with favorable conditions for growth. If you are constantly experiencing leaks with your faucets or bathtub plumbing, then there are higher chances of encountering mold invasion. Mold can cause serious health problems such as nervous system disorders, allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and depression. If you are constantly experiencing recurring mold after every remediation then you do not have to suffer anymore. All you need is to do a bathtub replacement, as it ensures you have a safe and healthy environment for taking warm and relaxing baths.

4. If it feels outdated and worn out

Old bathtubs may have seen better days over the past but their design and functionality becomes outdated. A bathtub is one of the most eye-catching fixtures that cannot be overlooked when entering a bathroom. Technological advancements and upgrades have led to the manufacturing of high-quality bathtubs that can blend with your home décor. If you are carrying out a full bathroom renovation project, you might consider replacing your old bathtub so that the room feels new and visually appealing.

5. When Selling Your Property

Replacing your old bathtub can help increase the value of your house when selling a property. According to recent surveys, it has been discovered that homes with quality bathtubs tend to sell more than the standard ones. No one wants to stare at a leaky, old stained and mold infested bathtub. Every homeowner wants a clean and safe space where they can take showers without worrying about mold-related problems or potential dangers to their health. If you want your home to sell at a higher price, it is a good idea to replace your bathtub instead of covering it up with repairs.

6. If You want to Increase Comfort when Bathing

Sometimes an old bathtub can become too small for one to fit in. Furthermore, if you have troubles lowering yourself because of arthritis or a joint problem, it is always the right time to replace your old bathtub. You can go for one that offers high functionality or versatility when you want to avoid unpleasant discomfort when bathing. Find a more modern bathtub or an ergonomic model that will provide added comfort when taking a bath.

A bathtub that does not provide comfort when bathing makes you tired of walking into your bathroom every day for such a simple task. Repairs may be the best option during the short term but you are likely to spend more over time making it costly. All the above are reasons enough why you should consider getting yourself a new bathtub. It not only improves its functionality but also aids in keeping your bathroom clean and safe from bacteria and mold infestation.