FAQ - Bathroom Remodeling New Jersey, Bathroom Renovation NJ
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How do you formulate your pricing?
We are a company based on the value we provide and we offer factory incentives to our clients. Bathroom Pros does the same job as our national bathroom remodeling companies at a more affordable price! Give us a call and you be the judge!
What is the process that you follow when you take on a new project?
When we work with a new customer, the first thing we do is bring the showroom them in the comfort of their home. When we meet with our new customer, we first make sure that we completely understand what they need in their remodeling project. If we are able to satisfy the needs of the customer, we then go over the background of our company including our job process and galleries of previously completed work. In order to help our client design their entire beautiful new bathroom or bath or shower area, we then bring in samples which include flooring and vanity.

Why should I choose Bathroom Pros for my bathroom remodeling project?
With over 15 years experience in remodeling bathrooms including past experience building homes and doing carpentry, Bathroom Pros has proven itself to be a trustworthy company for your bathroom remodeling project. We ensure that we will professionally install all of your bathroom remodeling products with our factory certified installation department.

What inspired the start of Bathroom Pros?
We decided to combine our previous design experience with our building experience after working for many years with national bathroom remodeling companies as design consultants, this combination resulted in the formulation of Bath Pros.
What is the primary type of customer for Bathroom Pros?
Our primary customer is the individual who is between 40 and 80 years of age, although we work with all individuals. Because Bathroom Pros caters to the in the senior community and to other individuals in who need a bathtub to shower conversion, we offer lower thresholds, seats and grab bars and many other safety shower features. We also help people who are looking for a grout free and easy to clean bathtub, shower or bathroom remodel which is also high quality and affordable.
Which projects are your favorites to work on? How long do they usually take?
We find gratification in all of our bathroom remodeling or shower or tub installation projects. We are excited to be given the opportunity to transform our clients’ tubs, showers or entire bathrooms into places of relaxation and we always do a job that we were proud to claim as our work. The average time for the installation of a tub or shower remodel is one day with Bath Pros.

What should a customer look for when hiring a professional bathroom remodeling company?
Be sure to understand their company culture, check out their past projects and experience with previous clients. Proof of insurance assures that they will respect your home and will protect you if anything were to go wrong with the job. Make sure that they put the entire scope of the job on paper in the agreement and that they are proving quality materials that will be professionally installed. Bath Pros provides these assurances and upholds the highest levels of integrity.
What should customers consider before calling a professional bathroom remodeling company?
You should consider whether you need to remodel your tub or shower area or your entire bathroom. Once you have done this, you should call a professional bathroom remodeler so that you can discuss your vision for your new bathroom with them. Let the professional consult you in the optimal way to get it done so that you are completely satisfied with your project once it is finished.