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How To Get A Stunning And Accessible
Bathroom In North Jersey, NJ

Why You Should Consider Bathroom Pros, NJ As
The Bath Remodel Contractor Of Choice

An accessible bathroom is crucial for any North Jersey, NJ, household – especially for aging homeowners or those with mobility limitations.

Finding the right contractor can be a hassle, as proper materials and installation are crucial for your health and safety.

That’s where Bathroom Pros, NJ comes in – giving you a trusted bath remodeler you can count on for your accessible bathroom remodeling needs.

Our Core Values Make Us Who We Are

We abide by our six core values – making it easier for our appreciated North Jersey, NJ customers to put their complete faith in us. Each value builds on the other, creating the comprehensive model we use as a reference for every project we undertake.

Core Value 1: Enthusiasm

The dictionary defines enthusiasm as “a strong excitement or feeling.” That is precisely the feeling we have when tackling any bathroom remodeling project. We further propel our enthusiasm with our fourth core value – discipline.

Core Value 2: Accountability

We include this core value to ensure our company and crew take full responsibility for the mistakes we make. It keeps us humble and primed to learn and foster growth – our next core value.

Core Value 3: Growth

To us, accountability doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t followed by growth – we use any mistakes we’ve made in the past as a learning and growing opportunity. Growth is one of the key reasons why we’ve evolved into one of the most trusted contractors in North Jersey, NJ.

Core Value 4: Discipline

Discipline is instilled in our craft to reinforce our enthusiasm. After all, enthusiasm is not a constant human trait – therefore, we make the conscious decision to be 100% disciplined 100% of the time.

Core Value 5: Believe

We believe in all we do at Bathroom Pros, NJ – this makes all of our other core values and actions have a genuine truth behind them. We don’t just go through the motions – our entire process and all of our work is backed by meaning.

Core Value 6: Loyalty

Our valued customers are the most essential aspect of our business. They are the glue that holds everything together, and as such, we remain entirely loyal to them. Whether it’s not giving up until they’re completely satisfied or happy, we’re with them every step of the way.

We further these values by committing to our community at large because there is no point in gaining if we’re unwilling to give back.

Third-Party Approvals

Any North Jersey, NJ bath remodeling contractor can talk themselves up – but is their talk backed up by numerous accreditations from third parties? We have spent years crafting our skills and some of the top industry organizations have taken notice.

  • Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval – covers any defective product for two years and to the value of $2,000!
  • Home Innovation Research Labs™ Certified – our products are lab tested with scientific data.
  • HomeAdvisor Screen And Approved – this ensures we’re 100% legitimate and honest on business.
  • Fully Licensed And Insured – you’d be surprised at what some other contractors try to pull off. We can assure you that we’re 100% legal to operate in all states where we do business.

Our Accessible Walk-In Bathtubs

Our premier walk-in bathtubs are the shining star of our North Jersey, NJ bathroom accessibility remodels. They’re loaded with fantastic accessibility features – some of which include:

  • A safe-swinging and watertight no-step entry door that allows for safe entry and exit.
  • A robust and comprehensive jet system that offers both massaging and bubble therapy for muscle relaxation and recovery.
  • Color Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy, and Ozone Therapy for maximum health benefits!

Our walk-in tubs offer a homeowner with the convenience, safety, independence, luxury, and value of a lifetime!

Our Accessible Tub-To-Shower Conversions

We also offer stunning North Jersey, NJ one-day tub-to-shower conversions that are jam-packed with accessibility features. Some of these features include:

  • A bare-minimum upkeep and lifetime warranty on the material.
  • Grab bars for ease of use.
  • Shower seats for further ease of use and safety.
  • Anti-scald showerheads that ensure the perfect water temperature.
  • Hand-held showerheads for full-body cleanliness.
  • Slip-resistant flooring for maximum safety and preventing falls.
  • Corning shelving for easy and convenient bath accessory storage.

Our Top-Grade Materials Of Choice

We not only walk each North Jersey, NJ client through general bath remodeling terminology and education to ensure their complete comfort level – we use the best versions of these products.

Let’s take a closer look at two of the high-quality materials we use in our accessible bathroom remodels.

High-Quality Acrylic

Our high-quality acrylic is exceptionally versatile, offers hundreds of design choices, and beats liners – hands down. With our double-thick acrylic and layers of waterproofing protection, there will be no bubbling or water damage as opposed to cheap liners.

Furthermore, we custom-cut our acrylic pieces off-site, meaning we spend no unnecessary time in your home, making our installations as stress-free as possible.

Finally, and perhaps the best part – high-quality acrylic is low-to-no maintenance and requires minimal cleaning to stay looking brand new for a lifetime!

Luxury Vinyl Tile And Luxury Plank Flooring

In terms of accessibility for your North Jersey, NJ bathroom, our luxury vinyl tile, and vinyl plank flooring offer these key benefits when compared to traditional ceramic, porcelain, or hardwood flooring:

  • They have a non-slip surface adding to your bathroom’s overall safety and fall prevention capabilities.
  • They are softer than tile or hardwood, which is easier to walk on for the body, and offer more forgiveness to accidental drops of fragile objects.
  • During the winter months especially, they’re much warmer than traditional tiling.
  • They look entirely realistic to hundreds of different material types with the advances of 3D-printed technology, especially wood designs.

Let’s Get To Work On Your Accessible
North Jersey, NJ Bathroom

We’re just as thrilled as you are to begin work on your new, highly-accessible North Jersey, NJ bathroom. It will be the decision of a lifetime, giving you unparalleled independence and convenience like never before!

Contact the most trusted name in North Jersey, NJ, to build the accessible bathroom of your dreams today either online or at (732) 285-1010!