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Welcome! Searching for a top-quality, fast and affordable answer to your bathroom remodeling needs in Monroe, NJ? You’ve come to the right place! Bathroom Pros offers premium easy-access bathroom remodeling you can depend on.

Our installation process is refined after decades of devoted service. If all you need is a walk-in tub or shower, we can get those impeccably installed in as little as… ONE DAY. Full bathroom remodels in just TWO DAYS!

We’re fast, and we don’t skimp on quality. In fact, our heavy-duty acrylic tubs and showers are low maintenance, come in 100+ styling options, and are guaranteed FOR LIFE.

Contact us… and go from “taking a bath” to luxurious bathing.

Bathroom Remodeling Services For Monroe, NJ

One-Day Tub-To-Shower Conversion

Are you tired of glaring at that chipped and cracked old bathtub of yours? Weary of hoisting your legs over the high tub wall and risking a fall? Give Bathroom Pros as little as one day and wave goodbye to worry.

Our tub-to-shower conversion uses the same space as your old tub, so there are no expensive and time-consuming wall removals. You simply go from an old and clunky tub to an open, stylish, and functional walk-in shower!

The low entry of our showers is an absolute dream and far safer than climbing into your old tub. We also offer safety designs for those who need a little help, like a built-in seat so you can enjoy your bathing in total security.

One-Day Shower Remodeling

Say goodbye to your old shower and hello to your new spa-level luxury walk-in shower.

At Bathroom Pros, we design our new showers for safety and ease of use and we guarantee them FOR LIFE. With no grout lines and a smooth acrylic surface, upkeep is simple and fast. You’ll also love the variety of colors available, making it a breeze to match the rest of your bathroom.

Bathtub Remodeling

Is your bath time getting ruined by your old, faded, and worn tub? We can change all that in as little as ONE DAY with our bathtub remodeling service.

Bathroom Pros New Jersey can replace your tub with a gorgeous, easy-to-clean acrylic tub in a color of your choosing. We use the same space as your original tub, so the process is clean and swift. You can also choose from a variety of safety options to make using your tub a pleasure instead of a risk.

Two-Day Full Bathroom Remodeling

We can change your bathroom, top to bottom, from familiar and dull to new and exciting – in just TWO DAYS.

From your tub to your throne, from floors to lighting, fixtures, and vanities, to walls and everything between…Bathroom Pros will provide you with the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Each component made with top-quality materials designed to withstand your bathroom environment.

Like we said… top to bottom.

Walk-In Tub Installation

If you find yourself nervous every time you step into your bath, you’re not alone. Many of our customers have been in your shoes. Losing mobility shouldn’t mean having to lose the pleasure of a nice, warm, and relaxing bath.

Our walk-in bath lets you get back to the time when taking a bath was a luxurious end to your long day.

The easy entry and optional contoured seat make you feel safe and secure, but that’s not enough for us at Bathroom Pros. Our models come packed with features you’ll appreciate like massaging jets, bubble therapy and other spa-like therapy options, and more.

Why Bathroom Pros New Jersey

Rip & Replace Installation (No Liners)

There are two kinds of one-day bathroom renovations.

First, there’s Liner Installation, when an installer comes in and drops a thin and weak liner over your existing tub or shower. The seams and material just don’t hold and let water infiltrate behind the liner causing MOLD and MILDEW to grow, and damage the underlying surfaces.

In short, they don’t last.

Then there’s what Bathroom Pros specializes in, Rip and Replace. Our factory-trained crew will completely remove your old tub or shower, and fix any underlying issues we discover. We also install water barrier materials to keep those issues from ever returning. Then, and ONLY THEN, we install your new custom manufactured, precision-cut acrylic bathing system.

We do it all in as little as ONE DAY, leaving behind a 100% watertight luxury bath system that is easy to clean and is guaranteed for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Stress-Free Process

Your bathroom remodeling experience should be a pleasure from beginning to end. So we created a process that makes each step simple and enjoyable.

Here’s a brief look at how we stress-proof your bathroom remodel:

  • In-house Experts: You might not readily know how to create the look you want. Not a problem. Our consultants will guide you through every step, helping you find the perfect-fit products to bring your vision into reality.
  • You Are Never In the Dark: Bathroom Pros believes in constant communication. We will always keep you updated throughout your remodeling project. At no point will you be guessing where you stand. Have a question? Just ask.
  • No Delays. No Exceptions: Luck belongs to the prepared. We never arrive on installation day without everything we need to exceed your expectations. You will never be left standing while one of our crew “runs back to the warehouse” to get a part or tool they forget. Ever.
  • Always Respectful: We may be on the job, but we never forget we are in YOUR HOME. Every member of our team is polite, accommodating, and respectful at all times. No exceptions.

To get a more detailed look at how we work, and what we expect of our workers, visit our Our Process page.

The Best Bathroom Materials

Renovating your bathroom is a major investment. You should be just as dazzled 20 years from now as you were the day we completed the final polishing.

That’s why we only install the best materials and products. Yes, no installer would ever claim otherwise but here’s your proof we mean business:

    • Double-Thick Acrylic: Our tubs and showers are twice as thick as liner systems. That’s why we can guarantee your luxury bath system FOR LIFE.
    • A Multitude of Options: A lot of bathroom remodelers will make you select from a handful of cookie-cutter options. We offer you HUNDREDS of style combinations, so it’s your new bathroom. And if you aren’t sure what to pick, our experts are there to guide and help you step by step.
    • Custom-Fit Materials: You won’t see us wandering into your home with a roll of cheap liner. Your new bathtub or walk-in shower will be custom manufactured for YOU. Then once at your home, we follow-up with a precision cut for a flawless fit.
    • Made In The USA: We aren’t interested in cheap offshore junk. Our materials are all manufactured in the good old USA. This ensures the quality control and manufacturing standards you deserve.
    • Stress-Free Maintenance: We only use acrylic that’s been coated with a special antimicrobial film. This prevents the growth of mold or mildew. Our grout-free surfaces make cleaning a simple matter of wiping with a cloth and mild detergent. No More Scrubbing!

Visit our Solutions page for more information about our bathroom products and materials. You can also use our FREE Design Your Dream Bathroom tool to create the perfect tub or shower area… right here, right now.

Your Tub Or Shower Lasts For LIFE

No fading. No cracking. No yellowing, bubbling or peeling. Ever.

We guarantee you will have no trouble whatsoever with your new tub or shower FOR LIFE. And if you happen to sell your home within two years of installation, you can tell the new owner that they are FULLY covered, as well.

All of our bathroom products also come with the Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval. This means Good Housekeeping will offer a refund of the purchase price or replacement up to $2,000 if a Seal Of Approval product is defective.

Bottom line: When you choose Bathroom Pro, you get unrivaled protection on your investment.

Easy Financing

Everyone deserves a luxury bathroom. This is why our easy financing options make it affordable for anyone in North, South, and Central New Jersey. That includes YOU.

Our No Interest, No Payment For 18 Months plan has helped many of our New Jersey customers attain the bathroom remodel of their dreams. We even have payment plans that run as little as $1.80 per day!

We try our best to accommodate every budget. Contact us today to explore your options. We can quickly see what you qualify for with a free, no-obligation consultation.

ADA-Compliant Luxury Bathing

Your mobility issues shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your luxury bathing experience. We offer perfect solutions for easy-entry and seated bathing without sacrificing the feel of decadent leisure.

Get nervous thinking about entering your tub? We can solve that with our gorgeous barrier-free shower or walk-in tub.

Worried about taking a fall in your shower? We install premium-grade accessories like handheld showerheads, slip-resistant flooring, grab bars, and convenient bench seating.

Want the spa to come to you? Our tubs and showers come with the options you need for high-class luxury bathing*:

  • Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Chromotherapy Mood Lighting
  • Aromatherapy Diffusers
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Rain Shower Heads
  • And MUCH More!

Bottom line: We make your bathing experience safe, accessible, and high-luxury.

*Features and options depend on the type of remodel. Contact us for details.

A Trustworthy Reputation

Sure, all installers make big promises. And now you’ve heard about everything we can do for you. From here, it’s critical you look at our feedback from within the community. We’ve helped so many of your neighbors. See what they’re saying about us!

When you research our reputation, you’ll find near-perfect marks across the board. From Google to Yelp to GuildQuality, we maintain a 5-star rating courtesy of our thrilled customers.

For more details about our reputation, visit the following pages of our site:

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