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How much time do you spend in your bathroom? If you really think about this, chances are you spend more time there than you realize. That is why your Somerset County, NJ bathroom should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but as safe as possible.

Safety concerns arise if you find that your shower may be leaking water to the subfloor or if it contains cracks that are allowing water to drip below. In addition, if you are older and have a harder time sitting down and getting out of the traditional tub, it is time to think about a bathroom remodel.

For those who have safety on their mind or those who want to have a bathroom that is gorgeous, we offer bathroom remodel services to make this happen. Better yet, we can do this in a timely manner that only takes one to two days in most cases.

Services Offered By Bathroom Pros

Here at Bathroom Pros, we are the go-to for anything bathroom-related in the Somerset County, NJ area.

1. General Plumbing Services

Whether you are dealing with a leaky faucet, a clogged drain, or need new faucets installed, we are the pros to call. We have licensed plumbers ready to handle whatever plumbing issue you may have with the guarantee of doing this right the first time.

2. Full Bathroom Remodel

For those tired of their outdated and perhaps unsafe bathroom, we offer a full bathroom remodel service. This is not only going to replace the tub or shower but also deal with the flooring, vanities, faucets, and much more. With our full remodel, you can make your bathroom into a tranquil space that you will love!

3. Walk-In Tub Installation

The walk-in tubs were designed as a great option for those who may have mobility issues. It reduces the chances of falling, but still gives you the benefit of a nice relaxing soak at home.

4. Tub To Shower Remodel

For some people, the idea of having a tub is outdated, as they prefer showers. While every tub can be a shower with a showerhead on the wall, a true shower has an enclosure to help minimize water escaping. Our tub-to-shower remodel takes out the old tub and puts a state-of-the-art shower in its place.

5. Bathtub Remodeling

If your old bathtub is looking a little beat up, with cracking, peeling, and stains, our bathtub remodeling services are the best answer. We remove the old tub completely, then replace it with an acrylic tub that is more modern and stronger than fiberglass.

6. Shower Remodeling

For those who are finding that their shower is leaking, it looks old, or they simply want to switch to something a bit more modern, our shower remodeling is the answer. We remove the old shower, replacing this with the design of your choice.

Why Trust Bathroom Pros With Your Somerset County, NJ Bathroom Remodel

While many people may not think that their bathroom is a central hub in their home, this is one of the most frequented rooms. Therefore, you want it to look great while also being functional.

You will find that by working with us, you get the best materials put to use in your bathroom. We only use acrylic tubs and showers. This is going to ensure years of use as this is a strong material that cleans easily, does not stain, and looks modern.

The other reason that so many Somerset County, NJ homeowners turn to us for their bathroom remodel needs is our time frame. For most simple shower and tub replacements, we are in and out of your home within one day. For complete bathroom remodels that include floors, tubs/showers, and vanities, this often only takes two days.

Despite the short time span, we don’t sacrifice quality. We believe in top-notch professionalism and customer service and a job well done.

FAQ About Somerset County, NJ Bathroom Remodels

Do you have designs to choose from or is every tub/shower the same?

We have tons of designs that you can choose from, as there are no two bathrooms or tastes identical. We have pictures of everything that we offer that you can peruse to find the one that fits your individual needs.

Do we offer financing or discounts?

Yes! We do offer a financing option to those who are interested in remodeling their bathroom. In addition, for seniors who are remodeling for safety, we offer a discount to help with the final cost.

What Our Customers Say

“We had a great experience! Even though they said our scope of work would only take one day, I was totally skeptical. However, it only took one day, as promised! I was simply amazed and pleased with the entire job from the very beginning of the process. I would highly recommend.” – Michael S.

“Thank you guys so very much for making this such an easy and pleasant experience for my family and me. From the day that you came in to take a look at my bathrooms, to the day when I was picking out the vanity and colors of the walls and floors, it has been so smooth and pleasant. Thank you so very much for all your expertise, knowledge and professionalism. I am forever grateful! I can’t wait to recommend you guys to everyone I know!” – Irina L.

When it comes to your Somerset County, NJ bathroom remodel, the pros at Bathroom Pros are here to make this as easy and seamless as possible. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can improve your current bathroom.