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While many people think of their Union County, NJ bathroom as a room of necessity, for many, this is the one room in their home that is actually for privacy and relaxation.

But, how relaxing do you find your current bathroom?

If you look at your current bathroom and cringe, chances are this is not very relaxing. If you find yourself looking at bathrooms in magazines and sighing, “I want,” then it is time to MAKE a change!

At Bathroom Pros NJ, we are the professionals that can take your old, outdated bathroom and turn it into the bathroom of your dreams!

The Services We Offer Union County, NJ

For the Union County, NJ area, we are who to call for any plumbing or bathroom remodel desire. We offer a variety of services to suit your every need or want.

1. Complete Bathroom Remodels

The cream of the crop of our services is a complete bathroom remodel. With this service, we replace your tub/shower, vanity, put in new flooring, and the like. This is for those who truly want to modernize their bathroom to what they have always wanted.

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2. Tub To Shower Conversion

Not having a shower in a home can be a huge pain for many people. This is why we offer our tub-to-shower conversion services. With this option, we remove the tub and customize a shower to put in its place.

View Tub To Shower Conversions

3. Bathtub Remodel

This is a great option for those who know their tub has seen better days. Many older homes have a fiberglass tub that is known for staining, scratching, and cracking. We remove this old tub and replace this with a fitted acrylic tub that is not only beautiful but strong.

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4. Shower Remodel

Is your shower looking like an eyesore? Or maybe you are just ready for a change? Our shower remodels offer the chance to remove the old and replace it with something new.

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5. Walk-In Tub Installation

For many older individuals in the Union County, NJ area having a walk-in tub installed is a way to stay safe, make the bathroom more accessible, and remain independent. These tubs are fitted to where your current tub or shower is, with minimal disturbance to the rest of the bathroom.

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6. General Plumbing Services

If you have a drain clog, a leak, or even need a faucet replaced, our general plumbing services are here to help. Having any type of plumbing issue is frustrating and disrupts your entire household. Our plumbers are licensed and experienced, with the goal to fix the problem right the first time.

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Why Choose Bathroom Pros To Work With

Why do so many Union County, NJ homeowners call us for their bathroom remodeling needs? There are several reasons why people turn to us.

Our commitment to excellence is one aspect that sets us apart from the competition. We do our best on every job, with no exception.

In addition, we always remove the old tub/shower (which is not what many people do.) Numerous comparable companies will simply put a liner above your old tub or shower, not realizing that this is a cosmetic change only. Our thorough process ensures that your new tub or shower will not leak while still looking amazing.

We offer a stress-free approach, which everyone wants when it comes to remodeling their home. And, we even do it in less time—with one to two days being the average time for a tub/shower installation or a complete bathroom remodel.

We only use the best materials out there (aka acrylic!), and since we offer the best products, we also include a lifetime warranty on the work that we do.

We have confidence in what we do, and we make sure that all our customers know that they, too, can have faith in our services.

FAQ About Bathroom Remodels

Do you offer a guarantee on the remodels that you do?

Absolutely! We have such confidence in our services that we offer a lifetime guarantee on the tub/shower that we install into your Union County, NJ home. If there are ever any problems, we will be there to make them right.

Are there discounts for seniors who need a walk-in tub installed?

From time to time, we run discounts for seniors who need the safety that is offered with a walk-in tub in their home. Be sure to check with us about what is available at the time of your remodel.

How long will it take to complete my bathroom remodel?

While every case is different, we can often complete a bath or tub installation in one day, while a complete bathroom remodel will take two days.

Will there be a huge mess to clean up afterward?

No! When we work on a bathroom remodel, we arrange for the disposal of the old items we are replacing, and we clean up the entire bathroom after we are done with the work.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Bathroom Pros did a great job with my remodel tub to walk-in shower. Very professional, very easy to work with. The salesman, Tom, wasn’t pushy and was lots of fun to work with. The guys that did the work had a great work ethic, worked well together, were polite, and cleaned up as they continued to complete the job in just a little over 6 hours. I highly recommend them!” – Joan T.

“Bathroom pros were amazing. Very professional and went above and beyond my expectations. The team was very knowledgeable and kept everything clean. Don’t get fooled by other offers. Big investment but well worth it. Thank you.” – Bryon G.

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If your bathroom needs a facelift for cosmetic purposes or because the current tub or shower is damaged, Bathroom Pros NJ is who to call. If you are ready to make a change in your Union County, NJ home, contact us today for a free consultation.