Shower Remodeling

One-Day Walk-In Shower Remodeling in New Jersey

Is your current shower looking old, worn, and just… “blah”?

Don’t worry. Bathroom Pros New Jersey has you covered.

We can replace your existing shower with a premium, ultra-safe, spa-level walk-in shower… in just one day.

Our walk in shower remodeling services are no-maintenance, lifetime-guaranteed, and incredibly affordable. Our factory-trained craftsmen will install a premium luxury shower in your home with meticulous attention to detail.


Endless Shower Replacement Design Choices

We pride ourselves on having the biggest, most distinctive style options of any bathroom remodeler in New Jersey. You have hundreds of design combinations to choose from.

Don’t know exactly what you want? A Bathroom Pros Design Consultant can guide you to the perfect design for your needs and tastes. We’ll come to your home with actual product samples you can see, touch, and test. You can also use our Design Your Dream Bathroom tool to begin bringing your vision into focus.

At Bathroom Pros, the perfect shower is waiting for you. That’s a promise.


Full Shower Replacement ONLY

Some companies will cover your current shower with a flimsy liner system.

We don’t.

We perform a full-on tear-out of your old shower before installing the new one. This lets us fix moisture problems underneath your current shower to maximize the performance of the new one.

Once we’ve repaired any and all structural issues, we install premium waterproof barriers to protect the area from further water damage. We then perform a final measurement of the space and cut your shower to exact specifications onsite. This ensures a 100% precise fit for a truly beautiful appearance.



Luxury & Relaxation Shower Remodels

We specialize in shower systems that provide an indulgent, accessible, and safe experience. For us, it’s all about providing you with pure comfort AND luxury.

Here are some of the features that make it possible: No-barrier entry, grab bars, shower seats, anti-scald showerheads, hand-held showerheads, slip-resistant flooring, corning shelving… and much more!

Our mission is to make your experience refreshing, revitalizing, and relaxing each time you step in your shower. And with our extensive selection of premium features, we deliver exactly that.

One Day Shower Remodeling (before) New Jersey Bathroom ProsOne Day Shower Remodeling (after) New Jersey Bathroom Pros


Virtually No Upkeep

Our Walk-In Showers are resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria. The acrylic is simple to clean and eliminates all the upkeep required for tile and grout showers.

The acrylic we use is twice as thick as liner systems and substantially more durable than fiberglass showers. It also resists scratches, chips, fading, and staining. To maintain your shower, all you need is a mild cleaner and cloth.

Bottom line: If you want a new shower that requires virtual NO upkeep, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. You’ll



TRUE Lifetime Protection From The Best Walk In Shower Installers

Acrylic is THE material if you want a low-maintenance, lifetime-lasting shower. Period.

But not all acrylic shower bases are created equal. If the acrylic is too thin, it can crack. And flex. And warp. And bend. And just become an overall nightmare very, very quickly.

Our walk-in shower systems are double-thick acrylic and contain stout reinforcement for a LIFETIME of premium performance. No cracking. No flexing. No warping. No bending. Just pure durability that lasts.

Welcome to true lifetime peace of mind.

Tub To Shower Conversion Good Housekeeping

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We’re preoccupied with perfection. Adamant about excellence. Fixated on flawless. And we LOVE providing bathroom solutions for homeowners in North, South, and Central New Jersey.

Let us help YOU by installing a safe, functional, beautiful, American-made Walk-In Shower. Contact us today to schedule your no-pressure, no-obligation estimate.

Tub-To-Shower Conversion FAQ

Q: What is involved in Bathroom Pros shower remodeling?
A: We perform full tear-out and replacement. We’ll remove your old shower from the existing space, fix and moisture issues underneath, and then install a premium walk-in shower system in its place.
Q: How do you remodel my shower in just one day?
A: Our factory-trained installers follow our special remodeling protocols to a “t.” We work with the efficiency of an ant colony to ensure your shower is done once, done right… and done in a day.
Q: What kind of materials do you use?
A: Our walk-in showers are made with double-thick acrylic right here in America. You get a lifetime of low-maintenance performance.
Q: What parts of New Jersey do you serve?

A: We perform shower remodeling in North, South, and Central New Jersey. For specific cities and towns, visit our Service Areas page.

Visit our Service Area page for specific towns and cities in which we work.

Q: Can I see your color and design options?
A: Yes! Try out our free Design Your Dream Bathroom tool to explore the possibilities. Also check out our Idea Gallery for inspiration. During your appointment, your Design Consultant will show you product samples and assist you in creating your perfect design.
Q: How much are your showers compared to liner systems?

A: Our price for full replacement is actually very similar to liner installation. We practice honest, transparent pricing—no games and no gouging. We charge what it costs to perform top-quality work with top-quality materials. No more. No less.

Contact us today for a down-to-the-penny price. We’d also be happy to explore financing options with you. With approved credit, you can take advantage of plans such as 18 Months No Interest, No Payment… and payments as low as $1.80 per day!