Why Acrylic?

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Acrylic Beats Fiberglass & Tile… HANDS DOWN

The three most popular materials for tubs and showers in bathroom remodels are acrylic, fiberglass, and tile. But which is right for YOUR home?

If you want the longest-lasting, lowest maintenance tub or shower, it’s high-quality acrylic… end of story. You simply can’t find a stronger, more user-friendly bathroom material.

Let’s take a look at the advantages premium acrylic has over fiberglass, tile, and low-quality acrylic—and why it’s THE material you want for your new dream bathroom.


Fiberglass Won’t Last

Because premium acrylic products are manufactured double-thick, they’re Guaranteed for Life. Meanwhile, fiberglass bathroom fixtures are going to be lightweight, thinner, and last only about 10 to 15 years.

Demand more for your money.

  • Strong Finishes: Unlike fiberglass options, which have soft finishes that easily scratch and crack, heavy-duty acrylic will last a lifetime… while needing next to no maintenance.
  • A Perfect-Fit: Quality acrylic systems are multi-piece and cut onsite for an exact fit. This is different from fiberglass systems, which are one piece and lack customization.

We aren’t interested in the cheaper, sprayed-on, and uneven finishes common with fiberglass products. Acrylic not only offers you FAR more styling versatility and premium durability.

fiberglass shower

Low-Quality Acrylic Bathtub & Shower


Not All Acrylic Is Created Equal

There are two main types of acrylic bathroom systems: 1) Low-quality one-piece liners and 2) premium-quality multi-piece systems.
One-piece liners pose a few problems:

  • First, they’re flimsy. Bowing, bending, and cracking are common.
  • Second, they’re basically “wallpapered” over your existing shower or tub. This can create gaps between the old and new system for water to penetrate… causing moisture damage and a “spongy” feel when you step on the floor.
  • Third, a single issue will force you to replace the ENTIRE tub or shower. You can’t repair or replace an individual section because it’s all one big piece.

High-quality multi-piece acrylic systems—like the ones we install!—have none of these issues:

  • Our acrylic is twice as thick as liner systems and is guaranteed for life.
  • We perform FULL tear out of your existing bathing space to repair moisture damage and insert waterproof barriers.
  • And in the extremely rare case an issue occurs? We only need to repair or replace the problematic section, which saves time and hassle of total system replacement.


Homeowners LOVE Our Acrylic

For the best value and lowest maintenance, high-quality acrylic bathtubs and showers can’t be beat. You get a lifetime of performance for a reasonable price.

Our acrylic systems, even come with a Lifetime Guarantee… AND the Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval. Simply put, you get ultimate peace of mind.

Visit our Solutions page to see how we can bring your dream bathroom to life. You can also explore our Idea Gallery and Design Your Dream Bathroom tool for inspiration.

Here’s to a lifetime of low-maintenance, stress-free bathing!

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