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Walk In Tub

Open the door to improved health, safety, comfort, and mobility.

Wrestling with the wall that encloses bathtubs can be dangerous. However, when you have a walk-in tub/shower, you can easily open the door and safely get in. Furthermore, walk-in tubs for seniors are made with your comfort in mind. For instance, bathtubs, for seniors and people with mobility challenges, can come with built-in molded seats-making bathing a dream. Plus, walk-in tubs with jets are like luxury spas you get to use every day. Bathroom Pros NJ offers walk-in tubs that make bathing at home as effortless, safe and soothing for elders. Easy-to-enter with a low threshold and safety grab bar, this tub has everything you need in a walk-in tub.

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Our walk-in bathtub is the only one to offer all five relaxing features standard. Bathroom Pros NJ Walk-in Bathtub offers amazing features that can help with many struggles that adults and elder people can deal with daily, some are listed below.

The walk-in bathtub helps ease the pain and symptoms of these common ailments:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Rheumatism
  • Circulatory disease
  • Back pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Plus other ailments such as: loss of energy, lack of motivation and daily aches & pains.


    We are committed to offering only the best walk-in tubs on the market, and we back them with a Lifetime Warranty on the entire tub. Each and every walk-in tub is made in the USA. In fact as each tub is being built, over 50 people will individually work on each tub before final cleaning and packaging. We perform a rigorous 14-Point Quality Control Inspection on each and every tub providing that each tub is fully tested to ensure it meets our industry-leading standards.


    When you feel better, you live better. Bath Pro Tubs are designed to help offer symptomatic relief for arthritis, muscle pain, skin concerns, and other conditions. Discover how our total solution—including aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and our dual hydrotherapy system—can help soothe aches and pains, nourish your skin, and help you get back to feeling like you.


    We take great pains to make your bathing easier, with the shower wand and easy-reach, waterproof remote control. The contoured, heated seat and back rest. A fast-filling, fast-draining tub. A towel bar that’s conveniently located on the door (never cross the bathroom floor with wet feet again!). Learn more about all the ways Safe Step Tubs can make bathing a genuine pleasure.

    Regardless of your age or mobility challenges, a safe, stress-free bathing experience is within your reach. With Walk-In Tubs and walk-in showers, you’ll never have to compromise on your cleanliness, safety, or independence again.

    Some of the therapy features that our Walk-in tubs offer are:

    Hydrotherapy Jet Massage
    A total of 10 water jets massage the body, eliminating pain-causing lactic acid in the muscles, while helping to relieve body aches and inflammation.

    Air Bubble Therapy
    18 air spa jets release thousands of tiny bubbles creating a gentle caressing massage, improving circulation. Warm air bubbles increase buoyancy, making tired muscles weightless and relieving tired joints.

    Color Chromatherapy
    The use of colored lights in water improves one’s mood and enhances relaxation. Chromatherapy is used for stress, insomnia and seasonal effective disorder. (tub shown without seat cusion.)

    A selection of scents are available which release neurochemicals in the brain that result in relaxation or invigoration, depending upon the essential oil chosen.

    Ozone Therapy & Purification
    Ozone purifies the water and aids in healing skin conditions. Ozone enhances oxygen intake as well. This low density ozone has an oxidizing effect that actually disifects the water. Bathroom Pros NJ is one of a few walk-in bathtub with an ozone therapy control switch.

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