This Customer Was Impressed By Our
Communication & Enthusiasm

Project: Bathtub Remodeling; Full Bathroom Remodeling; Shower Remodeling;
Area: Toms River, NJ

Throughout the course of her bathroom remodeling project, Abby spoke with quite a few Bathroom Pros employees. She dealt with sales reps, office employees who helped with scheduling and general info, her design consultant, and of course – the installation technicians.

No matter what stage the project was in or who she talked to, Abby felt heard and understood every step of the way.

All The Time In The World

Initially, Abby was looking to replace her tub and install acrylic tiling for her bathtub wall. When Abby spoke with the Bathroom Pros sales representatives, she got the feeling that they had all the time in the world for her. They explained the process for taking down her drywall and putting up waterproofing and gave her the confidence that there would be no mold growth.

“Nobody acted as if they were in a hurry,” Abby said.

The Bathroom Pros employees answered all of Abby’s questions and provided clarification when needed, without her feeling as though she was an imposition. They weren’t rushing off to another job or pressuring her to reach a decision quickly. They also broke down what would happen during the remodeling process.

“They explained to me exactly what would happen each day of the installation process.” Abby said.

Abby knew exactly what the remodeling timeline and process would look like – she wasn’t left in the dark about anything.

Flexible Scheduling

Since Abby was ordering some products from other manufacturers, she was concerned about what would happen to the scheduled installation date if one of the products arrived broken or defective.

Samantha, the Bathroom Pros go-to person for general questions, reassured Abby that the scheduling was flexible. If something arrived broken and needed to be replaced, Bathroom Pros would work with her to adjust the installation date.

Energy & Friendliness – A Winning Combo

When it was time for her design consultation, Abby was immediately put at ease by the design consultant’s friendliness.

“He was definitely a people person,” Abby said in reference to her design consultant.

Aside from being personable and friendly, the design consultant had an energy and enthusiasm that was infectious. He seemed to genuinely love his job – and that made Abby excited for the remodeling project ahead.

The Real Proof Of Character

Bathroom Pros’ willingness to be flexible and see Abby’s perspective became evident when they ran into some snags during the installation process. Instead of brushing her off, the Bathroom Pros installers listened to Abby and worked with her to come up with a solution that met her specific needs.

“They worked with me to reach a resolution,” Abby said.

Abby would definitely recommend Bathroom Pros for New Jersey homeowners looking to have a positive and hassle-free bathroom remodeling experience.

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