Get To Know The People Behind Your
NJ Bathroom Transformation

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Meet The Key Players Who Turn Dreams Into Reality EVERY DAY

Behind every breathtaking bathroom remodel is a team of talented individuals committed to making your remodeling project a total success. We pulled back the curtain so you can meet the people who are dedicated to your happiness.

Meet the Owner

Ed O’Neill: Owner

General Manager

Briana Hetherington

Head of Production

Hank Rostek

Production Manager

Production Procurement


Pete Beucler

Brand Ambassador

Sales Manager

Design Consultants

Jim Brown
Patti Caine
Thom Clark
Jerry DiChiara
Dean Enquist
Rich Hollander
James Miragliotta
Tim O’Connell
Rob Ricciuti
Eric Rowland
Tyrone Salazar
Mike Thomas

Field Manager

Larry Lavorgnia


Pete Amato
Bradley Baker
Justin Cataldo
Angelo Cusimano
Connor Fletcher
Jake Fortune
Rob Fortune
Ben Grimaldi
Will Law
Zack Law
Roberto Leon
Matthew Quin/div>
Joey Vasquez
Adam Woolverton

Service Technician

Brian Garvey

Call Center Supervisor

Kasey Nee

Communication Specialists

Kasey Nee
Hollie Baker
Nikki Bhaichandeen
Victor Czornyj
Diane Davis
Amanda Hernandez
Peggy Johnston
Chris McGurk
Jeremy McPherson
CarolAnn Russell
Olivia Torick