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We specialize in stress-free, one-day bathroom remodeling for North, South, and Central New Jersey. And the question we get all the time is, “How, exactly, do you do it?”

We’re about to show you.

We’ve developed a streamlined process we follow to the letter on every single project. This keeps your remodel sailing smoothly from one phase to the next—while removing the hassles, headaches, and hitches of the average bathroom renovation.


5 Easy Steps To Bathroom-Remodeling Bliss

Woman Scheduling Appointment


The First Phone Call

  • When you call us, you’ll speak with a friendly Customer Representative.
  • The Representative will ask you a few questions about your project. This allows us to match you with the perfect Design Consultant for your needs and style.
  • We’ll then schedule a convenient time for your free in-home Dream Design Consultation.
Man Scheduling Appointment

Free Estimate & Design Consultation

  • On the day of your appointment, your hand-selected Design Consultant will arrive on time in a clean, branded uniform and with proper identification. Before entering your home, they will slip plastic coverings over their shoes to keep your floors clean.
  • Your Design Consultant brings the showroom to you—you’ll be able to see, feel, and test out actual materials!
  • You and your Design Consultant will sit down to determine the perfect solution for your needs, tastes, and budget.
  • Using our special visualizer, your Design Consultant can show you what your dream bathroom will look like in real time.
  • If you’ve submitted a design idea via our Design Your Dream Bathroom tool, your Consultant will be able to pull it up on their tablet for review.
  • Your Design Consultant will then take detailed measurements of your bathroom so our manufacturer can begin custom-engineering your materials.

Machine Working


Manufacturing The Materials

  • The materials for your bathroom remodel are custom-created by our manufacturer, Bath Planet.
  • Since the materials are designed to your bathroom’s specifications, this process takes a few weeks.
  • During this “down time,” we keep in constant contact with you and consistently update you on the status of your materials.
  • This is also when we prepare for your installation. Our Production Manager schedules the crews and puts together a comprehensive plan of action for the day of your remodel.
  • By the time your materials arrive, we’re 100% prepared to pull off premium-quality results… in as little as one day.

Man installing drain



  • On installation day, our factory-trained installers arrive on time in a branded cargo van. Our vans are padded and protected to ensure your materials remain in perfect condition during transit.
  • If possible, our installers will go in and out through your garage instead of your front door to minimize intrusion.
  • Before starting the work, our installers lay down tarps from the entryway to the bathroom. This allows us to keep your floors clean while we’re working.
  • Our installers work with the efficiency of an ant colony and complete your renovation in the following steps…
    1. Material Removal: We remove your old tub, shower, walls, and anything else involved with your project.
    2. Repairs & Waterproofing: If you have moisture damage in the demolition area, we repair and replace as necessary. We then install special waterproof barriers to protect against mold, mildew, and rot.
    3. Plumbing: To ensure top performance, we then replace the drain base and plumbing with brand new materials.
    4. Cutting Materials Onsite: Up next, we measure the area one more time. We then go outside and custom-cut the materials to your bathroom’s exact specifications. You’re GUARANTEED a down-to-the-millimeter-precise fit.
    5. Installing New Materials: We install your new materials with meticulous attention to detail.
  • After the remodel, our installers perform painstaking cleanup. We’re so O.C.D. about cleanliness that you won’t even know we were there!
  • Lastly, we’ll perform a walkthrough with you to make certain you’re 100% satisfied. We’ll also review your warranties and give you a “guided tour” of your new bathroom and its features.
  • And remember… we do all of this in as little as one day!

Bathroom Remodeling Process – Finished



  • After installation, you’re ready to experience all your new luxury bathroom has to offer. High-end curb appeal. Premium efficiency. Peak durability. Bare-minimum maintenance.
  • And you can rest easy knowing you’re protected by our ultra-stout warranties, including a Lifetime Warranty on our acrylic tub and shower systems.
  • Like we said… we’re your stress-free New Jersey bathroom remodeler!