5 Benefits of Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The look and quality of luxury vinyl flooring has evolved over the recent years. Luxury vinyl flooring is a great product that offers an excellent alternative to stone flooring and traditional wood at a fraction of the cost. As the name suggests, it is a high-end vinyl floor covering that mimics the look and feel of natural flooring types such as wood and stone. It is comprised of four different layers with a wide variety of quality designs to choose from.

The top layer is primarily made up of aluminum oxide and is meant to protect the tile from scuffs and scratches. The second layer is clear in appearance and offers protection against rips and extensive damage. The third layer features a realistic image of stone or wood. The thickest layer underneath gives the structure of luxury vinyl tile and forms the bulk of the floor. Many homeowners prefer luxury vinyl flooring because of its amazing benefits. Here are the top five benefits of installing luxury vinyl flooring.

  1. Highly Durable

The technique used to manufacture luxury vinyl tiles makes it one of the most durable flooring materials. It can withstand heavy traffic without losing its integrity. The fact that it can withstand high levels of water and moisture makes it ideal for bathrooms and other areas in your home that experience constant moisture. The top layer is both stain and scratch-resistant and therefore an ideal flooring option for commercial and residential homes that experience heavy traffic.

  1. Wide Variety of Design Options

Unlike other types of flooring, luxury vinyl tiles mimic realistic patterns and textures of hardwood and tile. This makes it hard to know the difference, which gives it a great advantage over other flooring options such as ceramic and stone tiles. These effects are made using latest technology to give the surface a natural feel. As a homeowner, you have an opportunity to install your desired type of flooring at an affordable price while overcoming the downsides of standard tiles. For instance, you can imitate the look of hardwood floors by installing vinyl plank flooring.

  1. Little Maintenance

Luxury vinyl floor is very easy to clean, as it only requires occasional sweeping and mopping. Its water-resistant qualities makes it a perfect flooring option for areas exposed to constant moisture such as the kitchen and bathroom. Luxury vinyl flooring is also resistant to scratches and can withstand heavy traffic for a long time. Hardwood and other types of flooring may require refinishing over the years as the elements can easily scratch or damage them. The beauty of luxury vinyl tiles is that they can maintain their original appearance for several years and require minimal maintenance.

  1. Affordability

Not everyone can go the extra mile to purchase stone tiles or marble, as they are expensive flooring options that require a greater financial commitment. Luxury vinyl tile tops as one of the most affordable flooring for budget-conscious homeowners. This is because it can mimic the look and feel of expensive flooring but on a limited budget. Luxury vinyl tiles can be installed at a significantly lower price and still offer tremendous value to your home. You can also use luxury vinyl flooring to cover up old floors that have huge cracks and other imperfections.

  1. Ease of Installation

Installing luxury vinyl planks or tiles is much quicker compared to stone, wood or ceramic. Its low profile makes it easier to work with static furnishings, transitions, and door openings. Luxury vinyl flooring can also be installed over existing concrete subfloors or plywood as long as the surface is smooth, flat and structurally sound. Grouting can be a messy job especially if you are working with ceramic tiles since luxury vinyl tiles have feature strips that help eliminate this process. The installation cost of luxury vinyl tiles tends to be lower than other types of flooring because of its ease of installation. This makes it ideal for a DIY project as long as you have a good idea of how to go about the process.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a great flooring option for people looking for something unique yet affordable. The fact that it can imitate the look and feel of other natural flooring options is a great advantage for homeowners who like the aesthetics of wood and stone but want to overcome their downsides. The long-lasting qualities of luxury vinyl flooring make it one of the best flooring option for your home, budget, and lifestyle.