5 Reasons to Choose an Acrylic Shower Surround

If you are planning to do a bathroom renovation project, one decision you will have to make is selecting the best material for your shower walls. Your choice will obviously depend on your budget, personal preference, and available space. Typically, a shower surround should be made out of a hard material in order to protect it from moisture. One such material is acrylic, which will definitely give your shower that stunning look you are looking to achieve. Before making the final decision on acrylic, it is good to understand its benefits, and this is exactly what this article explains.

  1. Acrylic is Attractive

If you are looking to have a unique and stunning-looking shower, acrylic is probably the best material for your shower surround. An acrylic shower enclosure looks fantastic, and provides you with the chance to achieve a clean-looking shower with gleaming walls. Some acrylic shower surrounds come with stone or tile finishes, making them incredible choices for anyone looking to have an improved shower look but with similar functional advantages of stone and tile installations. When it comes to choosing the best design or style for your shower surround, acrylic options offer a wide array of sizes, styles, textures, and colors to choose from. You can thus decorate and customize your shower in any way you desire.

  1. Acrylic is Comfortable

Acrylic stays warm and is quite comfortable to walk on, even on cold days or nights. This prevents you from having shock on your feet when getting in the shower. If you are looking to have a more accessible shower and install a seat, some acrylic shower units do come with one. Therefore, you can have your shower made as part of the acrylic unit.

  1. Acrylic is Easy to Maintain

Unlike other materials used for shower surrounds such as tile and stone, acrylic is quite easy to clean and maintain. In fact, acrylic shower surrounds only need to be cleaned using a clean piece of cloth, some soap, and water. A few touches will make your acrylic shower surround clean and shiny in no time. In addition to this, your acrylic shower surround can function quite effectively without the need for regular sealing like tile and stone surfaces. Unlike other materials, acrylic is non-porous and you do not need to worry much about waterproofing, as it comes with a waterproofed base.

  1. Acrylic is Cost Effective

Acrylic happens to be one of the cheapest materials for shower surrounds. Acrylic is cheaper than tile and stone surfaces. It will thus allow you to achieve a shower that looks outstanding at a much cheaper price than stone installations. The reason why acrylic is cheaper than other materials such as marble and tile is that it is manufactured in large quantities, meaning the cost of manufacturing is on the low end. Apart from the cost of purchase, acrylic is also cost effective to install. The reason behind this is that acrylic is easy to work with, as it is much lighter than other shower surround materials.

  1. Acrylic is Durable and Long Lasting

Acrylic may not be as strong as solid stone. However, it is still able to resist scratches and is quite tough than other materials like tile and fiberglass. As long as it is installed properly and well maintained, an acrylic shower surround should last long. The new and improved acrylic shower surrounds are not only long lasting, but also resistant to staining, heat, impact, and discolorations. This makes acrylic one of the top quality materials for shower surrounds. However, two and three piece acrylic surrounds have seams on them. These can form gaps over time, allowing in moisture inside the shower surround. This can cause mold and mildew growth underneath. It can also lead to adhesive failure. You should thus inspect your acrylic shower surround on a regular basis for any structural issues.

Regardless of the style you want your shower to have, the walls ought to be covered to prevent any cases of water damage. When it comes to selection, you have numerous materials at your disposal. However, acrylic is one of the best options you have because it is light and easy to work with, offers an attractive look, comes in a wide variety, and is quite easy to clean and maintain. If you are considering having a shower surround, it is best to go with acrylic. If you are still confused on the best material to pick, then consider talking to a professional for assistance.