5 Reasons Why a Lifetime Warranty is so Important When You Get a New Bathroom

There is quite much to consider in the decision process of investing in a new bathroom. The most essential feature about lifetime warranties is that the contracting company is involved in making necessary repairs or replacements if your new bathroom develops structural or construction defects. Despite the best efforts and genuine intentions of the workmanship, it is quite difficult to avoid defects often for reasons that go beyond their control.

A lifetime warranty guarantees customer satisfaction and risk management because it makes a homeowner feel confident about their investment. A homeowner is more likely to be concerned about mold problems, water issues or structural issues that may result after the project is completed. A lifetime warranty provides the affirmation that everything will be taken care of should you face any problems in the future. In this article, we will be looking at five reasons why a lifetime warranty is so important when you get a new bathroom.

  1. Assurance of Quality and Durability

A professional contracting company provides a lifetime warranty, as an assurance that the new construction meets its qualifications and will be liable for any repairs or replacements should it not perform as expected. As a homeowner, you will be more confident about your decision to invest in a new bathroom because the fixtures and fittings installed are estimated to last for a long period. While it may be difficult to avoid flaws completely, a reputable company will always uphold their promise when their workmanship fails to meet your expectations. It gives you the assurance that the building materials and fixtures installed in your bathroom are of high quality and will last for a long period.

  1. It Covers Unexpected Costs of Repair

You can always call your warranty provider if you encounter structural defects in your bathroom or when a covered appliance or system breaks down. The warranty provider can then contact a third party to schedule an appointment for inspection and repair. A lifetime warranty can cover items that are expensive to repair or everything as a whole because the terms and conditions may vary from one warranty provider to another. Structural defects or mold problem caused by water issues may occur because of faulty workmanship, or changes in weather conditions, which may be unavoidable.

  1. Value Enhancement

A lifetime warranty enhances the value of your property by correcting any defects in the shortest time possible. A mold problem in the bathroom has a negative impact on your home value if water leakages or poor plumbing causes it. The primary goal of investing in your new bathroom is to increase its value and a lifetime warranty covers items that are expensive to repair. In case of any defects, they can enhance your property value by replacing damaged fixtures and fittings with materials that are more durable.

  1. It is Transferable to a New Homebuyer

Increasing the curb appeal of your bathroom will make it sell faster and at a higher price especially when you have a lifetime warranty.  Most companies offer a lifetime warranty that is transferable to a new homebuyer when selling the property. It provides cover against faults in workmanship or material with no time limit to make claim. However, some lifetime warranties are only transferable once after which they expire within one year. It is always important to read and understand the terms and conditions of the warranty provider, as they may differ depending on the estimated lifespan of the product or systems in your bathroom.

  1. It Gives Peace of Mind

Many homeowners evaluate a warranty based on its duration and a major responsibility that comes after completion is the cost of maintenance or repair. A home warranty may cover bigger fixes for major appliances including plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems. You also buy yourself the gift of time since you will have a single point of contact for all the necessary repairs. A warranty could also help boost your sales price when selling your home, giving you a high return on investment.

Many homeowners opt for lifetime warranties when installing their new bathroom to cover any damages that may be caused by poor workmanship or structural defects. Most lifetime warranties will cover the HVAC systems, electrical, and plumbing. Understanding the terms and conditions of your lifetime warranty is essential, as it may be void if the encountered defects are not included in the specifications of the warranty provider.