5 Things to Consider Before You Replace Your Tub with a Shower

There are several reasons why you might consider replacing your bathtub with a shower. Probably an older family member has troubles climbing over the tub for a bath, your family prefers showers to baths, or you just want to explore new options to give a modern fresh look to your bathroom. There is nothing wrong with going tub-less especially when you want to create more space in your bathroom for other accessories. Whatever the reason you have for replacing your tub with a shower, here are a few things you need to consider before undertaking the remodeling project.

1. Schedule an Inspection for Your Initial Plumbing

It is always a good idea to involve the expertise of a licensed plumber before undertaking any bathroom renovation project. This allows you to check the condition of existing pipes and replace them if necessary. It is also important to check the subfloor and framing for any signs of rot, mold, and mildew. It is common for molds to grow behind a wall where a bathtub was installed especially when you experienced a few leaks during its lifetime. Damaged pipes can cause a serious problem when installing your new shower. If your home is a bit older and your tub is a bit dingy, then you might consider changing out the pipes to revamp the plumbing.

2. Get the Right Measurements

You need to get the right measurements for your new shower because even the slightest miscalculation can ruin the appearance of your bathroom. You need to know what size of space you want to achieve. The space allocated for the shower when replacing your tub influences the selected color scheme, fixtures, and fittings. You need to forget how you were using your previous bathroom and how you would like to use your new shower.

3. Plan the Layout of Your Bathroom

Replacing your tub with a shower may require you to plan a new layout of your bathroom. You can always keep it if it works well for you but if you are looking for a fresh new look, then you can change the positioning of one or two items in your bathroom. Think of ways you can make small but effective changes if your layout does not feel right after the tub is replaced. Note the position of any pipes, windows or doors when installing the shower to allow for easier accommodation of the fixture.

4. Choose Your Style Early

Settling for a design and style of your shower will help you narrow down to the best choices of fittings when making a purchase decision. Get to know the type of shower that works best for your space. Now that you have few ideas of how you want your shower to look like, you can choose between the different types of showers such as shower stalls, curb-less showers, or tiled shower curbs. All these showers have their own benefits and downsides so you need to choose one that suits your taste, preferences, and lifestyle.

5. Good Ventilation

Having an open window alone does not guarantee proper ventilation especially when using hot water showers. High levels of condensation can damage wood in a bathroom with different types of furniture. It can also lead to mold invasion, which causes serious allergies and mold-related illnesses. Add extra ventilation by installing new vents to allow free flow of air. In order to prevent mold invasion in your bathroom, it is important to reduce the level of humidity or moisture by keeping the room well ventilated.

How Much Freedom Do I Have with Design?

The size of your shower will be determined by the amount of floor space available in your bathroom. There are lots of decorative leeways for homeowners who pursue a custom design. Opt to install glass blocks or glass panels on one or more sides and select the type of tile and color for your floor and walls. You can also change the color scheme of your bathroom to blend with your home décor.

Replacing your tub with a shower offers a new opportunity to rejuvenate the appearance of your bathroom by implementing new ideas. The cost of this renovation project may vary depending on your style, preferences and how you would like your bathroom to look like. Although you may feel like undertaking the project by yourself, it is always recommended to hire a professional as they have expert skills when it comes to home renovation projects. You will definitely enjoy the look and functionality of your new shower if it is correctly installed to suit your style and preferences.