5 Ways Unlicensed, Uninsured NJ Bathroom
Remodelers Can RUIN Your Dream Project

Why Choosing A License, Insured Company Is Nonnegotiable
For Low-Stress, High-Quality Bathroom Remodeling.

If you’re a New Jersey homeowner looking to remodel your bathroom, you might be thinking this whole licensed and insured business is overblown and hyped up for no reason.

Maybe you know a remodeler personally who’s EXCELLENT at what they do, but just didn’t get around to becoming licensed and insured.

Maybe you’ve compared prices and found a contractor who’s incredibly cheap and just “happens” not to be licensed or insured.

Or, maybe you have family and friends who’ve used a remodeler they swear by…someone who’s not licensed and insured but has some GREAT reasons for not taking those necessary steps.

But here’s the truth: Not being licensed and insured is a WHOPPER of a red flag. If you hear that a remodeler is not licensed and is uninsured — STOP and run the other way. Because these are the types of situations that happen when you DON’T run in the opposite direction.

The “Under Construction” Bathroom Aesthetic…For Months

If you’ve heard any remodeling horror stories, you’ve heard this one.

When a remodeler is not licensed and not insured, there’s no contract. This means that there’s absolutely NO start date, NO end date — NO time frame for the work to be done. There’s NOTHING stopping your remodeler from not starting your remodeling project for months on end. Or even worse, doing half of the job, and then going AWOL.

What are you supposed to do with a bathroom that has a GAPING hole in the floor and an uninstalled toilet?

On top of having a detailed and clear contract, we have a set of values that we NEVER stray from.

Your Bathroom Looks VERY Different Than What You Had In Mind

When you choose Bathroom Pros to remodel your bathroom, we go through a thorough design consultant process. We have a step-by-step process in place, because that’s how we make sure that your remodeled bathroom is what YOU had in mind.

When hiring a remodeler with ZERO credentials, there’s ZERO guarantee that the bathroom you get is the one you want.

You don’t meet with a design consultant who listens to you and understands your vision. More often than not, your remodeler barely even talks to you at all. How on earth are you able to describe how you want your remodeled bathroom to look if there’s no one listening on the other end?

You’ll get a remodeled bathroom…but it might look VERY different than what you envisioned.

The Permit You Didn’t Know You Needed

Did you know that the state of New Jersey has certain rules and regulations when remodeling your bathroom?

Depending on what you’re remodeling, your remodeler may be required to obtain a permit. Usually you need a permit when opening or penetrating walls and changing around the plumbing. It’s your remodeler’s job to know when you need a permit and to go through the necessary steps to get one.

If your remodeler didn’t bother to get a permit, this ends up being YOUR problem. You’ll be stuck with an illegal bathroom that makes it more complicated to sell your home.

Congratulations, You Got A “YouTube Bathroom”

Youtube is just the greatest, isn’t it? Until you have a “remodeler” in YOUR bathroom trying to install your shower by watching a youtuber — with zero, or unknown credentials — explain how to install a shower pan.

There’s A LOT of work that goes into remodeling a bathroom properly that CAN’T be acquired by watching youtube videos — even dozens of them.

You need to know the ins and outs of which materials are best, and how to work with each kind of material. You need to have a THOROUGH understanding of installation standards, because installing something correctly takes EFFORT. And you need to have adequate training and experience to know exactly how to take the dimensions of the bathroom into account when remodeling.

These are just SOME of the things that licensed and insured remodelers have under their belts. A youtube video just doesn’t cut it.

Vanity Installed Upside-Down? That’s Just Too Bad.

No license, no insurance…no warranty. When a contractor doesn’t make sure to meet certain criteria and complete the necessary paperwork to become licensed to work in New Jersey, you certainly aren’t getting any great warranties.

This means that on top of taking a big risk by hiring a remodeler who doesn’t have the right qualifications and experience to remodel your bathroom, you’re also left high and dry if something goes wrong. And something WILL very likely go wrong.

It can be something relatively small, like a cracked bathroom tile. Or, it can be something big that disfigures your bathroom — like an upside down vanity (yes, this actually happens!). Whether it’s something you can squint and pretend it’s not there, or it’s something that makes you weep — you’re left with NO ONE TO TURN TO. Nothing. No one home. And too often — no phone number either.

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