Bathroom Fans are Important. Here’s why

Excess buildup of moisture is one of the major problems that leads to growth of mold in a bathroom or wet areas of a home. Molds requires moisture to grow and often appears on the ceiling, walls and sink taps and faucets. Baths and hot showers are some of the primary sources of moisture and high level of humidity in a bathroom. Since mold makes people sick, the best way is to prevent it from growing. The only way you can do this is to cut off any sources that creates favorable conditions for mold growth. This article looks at the reasons why bathroom fans are important.

Bathroom Fan


1. They Help in Reducing the Level of Moisture

Excessive moisture not only causes mold to grow but it can also peel off the paint from your walls, ruin the wallboards, rust fixtures and also warp doors. A properly sized fan draws out the high level of humidity and moisture from your bathroom to the exterior. A fan is important because it prevents moisture from accumulating on your ceiling and walls thus hindering the growth of mold.

2. They Help to Prevent Foggy Mirrors

The moisture generated by hot water baths and showers creates a fog on your bathroom’s mirrors and glass doors. A bathroom fan helps in removing the excess fog that forms on these surfaces so that you do not spend a lot of time wiping down the mirror during a shave, applying makeup or when doing your hair. An exhaust fan immediately draws up the steam from your shower or hot water baths before it is vented out to the exterior surroundings.

3. They Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Bathroom

Bathroom fans help remove unpleasant odors from your bathroom without the need for using air conditioner sprays. Poor ventilation can create a significant impact on people with allergies or prone to asthma attacks. If your bathroom lacks an exhaust fan, people with a compromised immune system will react by sneezing, coughing or wheezing which makes them uncomfortable as they go about their daily chores. Poor indoor air quality also leads to growth of molds because the mold spores get trapped inside the bathroom. Bathroom fans help to improve indoor air quality in your bathroom as well as your entire home.

4. They are Useful in the Removal of Fumes

The cleaning agents in your bathroom are made of chemicals that can cause serious health problems when inhaled. This mostly affects young children, the elderly and people living with respiratory conditions. A properly sized bathroom fan helps to remove these fumes from circulation keeping your bathroom safe for use by the elderly or young children. Your bathroom fans should always be turned on when cleaning the bathroom so that the released fumes can be channeled through the vents and replaced with clean air from the outside.

5. Heat Removal During Summer

Bathroom fans can help remove excess heat that builds up during hot summer months. Hot air and steam from the bathroom rises and pools at the ceiling. Bathroom fans can help keep the room cool by ensuring a continuous circulation of cooler air. Although bathroom fans are good at removing heat from a bathroom, they should not be left running during winter since they will remove all the warm air in the room. If this happens, your heater will be forced to work harder than normal to maintain the temperature in your home. You can reduce your energy bills during winter by using bathroom fans sparingly.

6. Ventilation and Noise Considerations

When choosing bathroom fans, it is important to take into consideration the need for proper air improvement and ventilation. The standard measurement used to determine the fan airflow is recorded in cubic feet per minute. The rate of ventilation is based upon eight air changes per hour, which means that you will require a bigger CFM rating if you have a bigger bathroom. The sound levels of a bathroom fan are denoted in sones and the lower the rating number indicated on the label, the quieter the fan.

Bathroom fans are very important because they help reduce the level of moisture in a bathroom. They improve indoor air quality by allowing free circulation of air, which also releases dangerous fumes to the exterior. You can use it to keep your bathroom cooler during summer months by selecting a properly sized and effective bathroom fan. If you are wondering on what is the best fan for your bathroom, then consider reaching out to a professional for help.