Top 5 Bathtub Features That Offer a Spa-like Experience in a Bathroom

A spa has several advantages; it raises your body temperature, opening up the pores on the skin, thus allowing your body to sweat profusely. The result is that excess waste is taken out together with the sweat. Besides the health benefits, a spa is aesthetically pleasing and provides relaxation and soothing experiences. Despite this, going to a spa can be quite involving and can cost you a lot of time and money.

The good news is that you do not have to go the spa for you to have this experience. You can add some extra features to your bathtub and the spa experience will come to you at the comfort of your bathroom, without taking a visit to the spa.

  1. Bathtub Caddy

This is a piece of a bar crossing over the bathtub. It is used to place some desired items that give you some added comfort while you enjoy your moment at the bathtub. It is rather disappointing when you want to enjoy a drink or want to place candlelight during your bathtub time but you cannot because there is nowhere to hold such items. Enjoying a piece of chocolate can be somehow fun while you soak in a bathtub. Candlelight will provide a soothing, relaxing and a romantic feeling to the bathtub experience.  A favorite drink can also do you good. Other people want to soak in the bathtub and relax as they read their favorite book. All these can be placed on the bathtub caddy, which sits across it. The caddy should not be permanent, as this will make it difficult for you when you are getting out of the bathtub.

  1. Dim Lighting

Studies show that one good way to set a good mood is to have the right mode of lighting in your bathroom. They have further indicated that bright lighting does not give the best results, as far as mood is concerned. A dim light provides an atmosphere that is similar to that of candlelight, which is soothing and relaxing. You do not need the whole bathroom light system to provide the dim light. Changing it altogether would be a mistake since you will not need the relaxation mood all the time. Sometimes you will want a quick shower or enough light to allow you do the shaving. You can buy a bathtub that has some water resistant dim light bulbs at the edges and it will offer a great experience.

  1. Heat Retention Material

Imagine yourself in your bathtub, the dimed light soothing your mind, and slow music calming your brain, but just when you are about to take a nap, the temperatures of the soaking water start to drop and you begin feeling cold or you have to jump out of the bathtub before you pour in more hot water. This can be very disappointing. The good thing is that, with recent developments, some bathtubs are made of material that is able to retain much of the heat from the hot water, allowing you to enjoy the warmth, for long, as additional hot water pours in. This allows you to enjoy the bath time for as long as you want, without interruptions.

  1. Bathtub Support Features

The bathtub can be customized to come with features such as a section to place your legs for a more relaxing experience. Having a bathtub where you are hanging your legs can be a bit uncomfortable since you may have a feeling of numbness, after some period in the bathtub.  Thanks to recent technology, bathtubs can now be customized to accommodate the legs. Others are elevated to a certain degree and have a compartment to hold your head in position. This will provide that comfort and make you want to take even longer in the bathtub.

  1. Calming Soft Music

Over the years, it is believed that soft low music has a soothing and a relaxing effect on the mind, making it calm. The bathtub can be customized to come with a compartment where there are water resistant Bluetooth speakers. These allow you to play your favorite slow soothing music that will calm your mind as you enjoy your precious time in the bathtub, after a long day at work.

These are just some of the many ways in which you can transform your bathroom experience to feel like that of a spa. It will be an expensive encounter but for those that feel this experience is worthwhile, there are so many features and accessories to add to your bathtub as well as the whole bathroom.