3 Pricing Games New Jersey Bathroom Remodelers Play

What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself From Shady Salespeople.

A big reason we started this company is to give New Jersey homeowners beautiful one-day bathroom remodels… without the hassle.

The truth is that many bathroom remodeling companies are high pressure and play pricing games. They come to your home, perform a rehearsed sales pitch, and then pull out every trick in the book until you say “yes.”

We take the totally opposite approach to the quote process.

When we have our consultation, we actually LISTEN to you. We assess your bathroom space, get a sense of your budget, and then design the right solution for your situation.

After that, we provide you with a straightforward price—no pressure or gimmicks. If we have a special running at that time, we automatically include it in the quote. We’ll also explore your financing options with you’d prefer to pay in comfortable installments.

Honestly, it never occurred to us to treat your quote any way other than with total transparency.

3 Common Pricing Games Bathroom Remodelers Play

But, as we said, some other bathroom remodeling contractors treat the quote process differently. Instead of providing the best price the first time, they play games in an attempt to squeeze more money out of you.

Here are the three most common pricing games to watch out for…

1. The “Manager Discount”

This is when the salesperson floats a high price and asks you to sign. If you refuse, the salesperson will say something along the lines of “I may be able to get you a lower price, but I’ll have to call my manager to authorize it.”

And what do you know? The salesperson gets off the phone… and the quote is miraculously reduced anywhere from 20-50%!

Doesn’t that seem suspicious to you? After all, why wouldn’t they give you the “reduced” price the first time?

2. Hidden Charges

A common way that bathroom remodelers pull one over on homeowners is by lowballing the estimate. They get your business by telling you that you’ll pay a low price. But when the final bill arrives, the total cost is MUCH more anticipated.


Make sure the price the bathroom company gives you on the front end is the price you’ll pay after the job. Get an itemized invoice of the work to be done—and get a confirmation of the price in writing.

3. Cheap Products

This one isn’t so much a pricing game—but it’s still sneaky! The bathroom company’s salesperson will go on and on about how great their products are during the consultation. They’ll quote you a low price, do the job, and be on their way.

The catch? Those “great” products aren’t so great. They’re cheap, flimsy, and prone to breaking down. It’s how the company was able to offer you such a low quote in the first place.

This is the “too good to be true” pricing game. And it’s a game companies that install flimsy fiberglass and acrylic liners like to play. So while your initial costs may be low, you’ll be paying BIG in the long run on repairs and replacement.

Bathroom Pros New Jersey A Fair Price

We’re The Bathroom Common That Doesn’t Play Games

Pricing games make choosing a bathroom remodeler stressful. How are you supposed to know you’re getting the best deal? How do you trust that the company is giving you a fair price?

Here’s the good news: When you choose Bathroom Pros New Jersey, you won’t have to put up with the nonsense. Our quotes are refreshingly honest and down to the penny.

We won’t call our manager. We won’t surprise you with hidden charges at the end of the job. And we CERTAINLY won’t install anything less than the industry’s best bathroom products.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews, which come from homeowners who were in YOUR exact same shoes. You can also request a list of references that you can call to ask about what it’s like to work with us.

When you feel comfortable reaching out, visit our contact page to schedule a convenient time for your free Design Consultation. It would be an absolute honor and a privilege to speak with you.