How Do Curbless Showers Work?

If you have or are planning to do some renovations in your bathroom to make it look more expensive or introduce a perfect look and feel, you are at liberty to choose from the wide range of options available in the bathroom industry. One of those options that have seen a rise in the current popular trends is a curbless shower. This article looks at what a curbless shower is and how it works.

What is a Curbless Shower?

Also known as a walk-in shower, a curbless shower is simply a shower layout that you can just walk into, without doors and any limitations. It is characterized by an open layout, just like that of open layout offices where you can see the person who is taking a bath in the shower. In many cases, they do not have a curb but in recent developments, people are installing very small curbs, which are just a few inches to prevent water from flowing into the surrounding areas. Besides, some people are now opting for clear glass door panels without doorknobs or locks. It is important to note that if you have an elderly person or kids in the house, this is the best bathroom design to install.

  • Style

A curbless shower is the leading design that allows for additional features that resonate with class and elegance. These could be in the form of shower rains that drop water overhead from the ceiling and others from an inclined angle on the walls. For those that opt for glass panels, these provide for the perfect look and feel in the bathroom. Some other people opt to go for led lighting that is fitted deep into the ceiling or automatic temperature regulators that provide you with that elegant and classy look and feel.

  • Open Layout 

Curbless showers have an open layout and do not have doors, sinks, bathtubs and toilet seats. For those that have a limited amount of space for their bathroom areas, this is the most appropriate design to adopt in bathroom renovation. This is because the open layout allows for more than enough space that makes it look elegant and classy. However, this elegant look and feel cannot be achieved if you have all this space without some expensive-looking features.

  • Drainage

Since most of the time curbless showers do not have doors or the curb, they have to be fitted with a little inclined floor for the shower water to flow into the drainage with much ease. Otherwise, the water will flow into the surrounding areas and make it look messy. The floor traps have to be of very high quality and with enough openings to ensure that shower water will never fail to pass through, no matter how soapy it could. This is to endure that water does not overflow into the areas surrounding the bathroom.

  • Shower Panels and Pans

A curbless shower consists of shower panels that replace the old traditional tile on bathroom walls. These come in PVC, acrylic, and vinyl materials that have a wide range of designs and colors so that you can choose ones that resonate with your unique tastes and preferences. You could have vinyl that is sometimes made to mimic marble and natural wood or you could still have one custom made especially for you. They may not feel like the real natural marble or wood, but they provide you with the look of real natural marble that reflects class and elegance.

  • Cost

Since a curbless shower requires you to install some expensive features and material for the floor and the bathroom walls, a curbless shower is a bit more expensive than the rest of the bathroom designs. After all, the essence of a curbless shower is to introduce a more expensive look and feel in your bathroom. Among the features that make the curbless shower more expensive, include shower panels, shower rain heads, glass panels, and LED lighting.

It is true to say that curbless showers are the way to go and the benefits that come with having one are endless. The good thing is that they come in a wide array of designs and features, meaning there is something for everyone. To know more about curbless showers and what features can satisfy your needs, visit a local bathroom supplies store or call a bathroom supplies company so that they can take you through the available options and also do the installation work for you since this is not a DIY work, but for the experts.