How Do Steam Showers Work and the Benefits of Having One

Before spas, there were no places for people to experience steam showers. However, with advancements in technology, you can now have a steam shower in your own bathroom. Steam showers have gained a lot of popularity in recent times because of their ergonomic design and individual health benefits. Although you might have heard people talking about installing steam showers in their homes, it is important to know whether this addition is worth the expense. In this article, we will be looking at the way steam showers work and the benefits of having one in your bathroom.

How Do Steak Showers Work

The science behind steam showers is that the steam generator heats water until it reaches its boiling point thus producing steam. After the water has been heated to high temperatures, the steam is channeled into another pipe before it is released into the shower enclosure by a steam head.  Although most steam generators use a similar scientific process of converting water into steam, several steam shower manufacturers attempt to deliver a new experience to their users by upgrading their systems.

Some generators use small heating elements while others use one large heating element. Using two or more heating elements gives you more control over the exact steam temperature since you can choose to use one at a time. Proportional steam is a method that uses multiple heating elements to control the temperature of the steam when taking a shower. It prevents uncomfortable fluctuations in temperature inside the shower by controlling heating cycles.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Steam Shower

  • Size, Appearance, and Materials

The size of your steam generator is influenced by construction details and size of your shower enclosure. A steam generator will not create a fully immersive steam experience if it is too small for space. On the contrary, it will be wasteful if it is too large for space. Compact models that can be hidden away in a closet can be a great option. However, you should be more concerned with the materials rather than the appearance of the unit to ensure it lasts for a long time.

  • Steam Speed

Most steam shower manufacturers offer speedy options that produce a generous steam volume in the shortest time possible. These units take a minute or so to boil water because electricity runs directly through the water. Other models use the concept of keeping warm water in the tank so that it can heat in less time when the unit is turned on.

Benefits of Having a Steam Shower

  1. Relaxation

One of the reasons why you should invest in a steam shower is that it helps to relieve stress after a long day’s work. The feeling of heat soaking into your skin is so relaxing that it melts away the tension in your muscles while relieving your aching joints.  Having a steam shower before bed helps you sleep better at night. The warmth generated by the steam facilitates the release of endorphins in your brain to help you relax emotionally and mentally.

  1. Healing Properties

Steam provides relief for people with sinus congestion since it opens up their sinuses. Immersing yourself in a steam shower every time is beneficial to your health because it brings relief to your respiratory system. The heat from a steam shower helps regulate your blood pressure by widening your blood vessels. This improves your overall blood circulation, which keeps your arteries healthy by providing enough oxygen to different parts of your body.

  1. Recovery from Exercise

Regular steam showers increase your blood circulation, which relieves your muscles from strenuous muscle movements during exercises. This is one of the reasons why professional athletes head into a sauna or a steam shower after a big workout or championship. The steam helps the body get rid of metabolic waste and opens up the spores on your skin.

  1. Clear, Moisturized Skin

If you want to improve the tone and clarity of your skin, a steam shower can definitely do wonders for you. It increases your level of perspiration and cleanses your skin to get rid of dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells that build up around your skin follicles. It also softens the hair on the skin making it easier to shave.

A steam shower is not only ideal for its health benefits but also guarantees a higher return on investment especially if you install a custom steam shower. Having an idea of how steam showers work makes you choose wisely while considering various factors such as size, appearance, and quality of materials used in the unit.