Here Are Three Signs That It’s Time For A New Walk-In Tub Shower

Have you been recently thinking about updating your bathroom? Perhaps you are noticing that your lifestyle is changing or maybe you are starting to see some changes to your bathtub or shower? Here at Bathroom Pros, we are experts at installing walk-in tub showers and can walk you through the process of this remodeling process.

Now, here are the three signs to look out for to help you know when it’s time for you to start updating to a walk-in tub shower.


Our lifestyles can change throughout the years, and getting in and out of the tub can begin to become more difficult. It’s normal for all of us to want a level of control in our lives, so one of the most common reasons we see an upgrade to a walk-in tub shower is for accessibility. Because these upgrades have a variety of options, it’s possible to make your bathroom itself more accessible. There are accessories such as grab bars, non-slip flooring, and seated areas with a watertight door.

There is a very low threshold, so you no longer have to worry about stepping over something high, which can lead to much easier accessibility. Another wonderful feature is the hand-held hand shower which can make bathing special, and because there is no need to stand, heated seats are often a feature of this type of bathroom remodeling project as well. Most models are fast-draining, have handrails and extra-wide doors for easy access. Bathroom Pros can install your walk-in tub shower, and we can ensure your comfort as well.


Hydrotherapy and whirlpool jets are just the beginning of creating a unique and soothing spa experience for you and your family. Adding aromatherapy and chronotherapy are also beautiful gifts to give yourself, and many of our homeowners love to add these features. Imagine listening to a relaxing playlist and just allowing the hydrojets and aromatherapy to calm you down on a peaceful late Sunday afternoon. Comfort is a part of life, and we all deserve it.

Outdated & Unrepairable

It’s so important to update your bathroom if you have a bath or shower that is unrepairable. Through the years, all of our homes experience wear and tear. However, it’s imperative to give us a call if there is something going on that is unrepairable with your tub or shower. Now, many homeowners want to upgrade because their bathroom has become outdated, but if there is a plumbing issue or you are seeing cracks and damage in your bathroom, then it is definitely time to start the bathroom remodeling process with a new walk-in tub shower.

The Benefits

Adding a bathroom to your home typically increases the value of your home, so there is a return on investment when you add a walk-in tub shower. Making sure that you choose a licensed and experienced professional is also the best choice you can make for installation. Another advantage is the ability to stay in your home. Some homeowners spend endless months trying to find a home that is accessible for new needs when instead, they can make the changes to their current home and stay there long-term. This is the benefit of taking control, making the right decision and creating a stress-free choice.

Bathroom Pros Is Here To Help

Bathroom Pros understand that the choices can be difficult for bathroom remodeling, but we are here to help. Whether you choose to upgrade because of outdated or unrepairable baths or showers, the comfort of a spa-like experience, or because you need solid accessibility, we are here for you. Our reputation matters to us, and this is why we are transparent about our costs, our process, and our background and experience.

Ready to install a new walk-in tub shower? If you’re in or around the New Jersey area, feel free to contact us to discuss starting your remodeling project today!

We are happy to discuss all of your options and answer your questions! Feel free to check out our showroom to gather up some wonderful inspiration! We look forward to hearing from you!