How to Make a Bathroom Look More Expensive On a Budget

Doing a bathroom makeover is one of the most expensive home renovations. This is because bathroom fixtures require the expertise of contractors to put everything in place and are quite expensive. However, you can still add some little things or features to give your bathroom that perfect look and feel without digging so deep into your pockets. Most of these are things that an average homeowner would not consider important, but they may make a huge difference to your bathroom. This article looks at how you can make your bathroom look more expensive on a budget.

  • Put on a Wallpaper

If your wall is worn out and faded, you do not have to take a hammer and demolish the drywall to put on another one. You can still change the look of your bathroom wall without having to install new tiles. Alternatively, you can install some cool and classy wallpaper with a design and theme that matches your unique desires such as a beach theme. They are usually a little expensive but cannot be compare to the cost of replacing old tiles with new ones.

  • Change the Lighting

Lighting is one of the most ignored features in a bathroom. Old-looking lighting can give your bathroom a dull theme, no matter how much you have tried to spruce up the walls and the mirrors. You could hang a chandelier with new bright colors to resonate with the fittings or you could still install a lighting system that is fitted with automatic LED lights that you can change according to your desired theme at different times.

  • Replace the Bath Mat

An old, worn out and faded bathroom mat is one of the clearest signs of an unkempt bathroom. If yours is showing these signs, it could be the reason your bathroom is looking dull and cheap. Therefore, make the point of replacing it today. You can have one that is custom made or you could order one from the bathroom contractors; they have fantastic-looking bath mats that are not so expensive

  • Change the Mirror

The mirror is one of the most visual features of any bathroom. Therefore, you must capitalize on it when trying to give your bathroom a perfect look and feel. You can add some wooden frame all around the worn out and broken mirror edges. Alternatively, you can hang a mirror flare, to break the monotony of the traditional mirror designs. This will give you the perfect and look and feel as you stand in front of the mirror and it comes at just a minimal cost.

  • Spruce the Vanity

After you have had your mirror makeover and everything about it looks expensive again, you may be tempted to think that you have done it all. The truth of the matter is that this journey is far from over if your toilet, taps, and valves are looking faded and old. You could introduce an expensive look by replacing the door handles, towel hooks, taps, and valves with brass, copper or chrome coatings. Adding these elements helps make your bathroom look new again, and thus more expensive.

  • Hanging Hooks

Bath and face towels lying all over the bathroom not only look bad, but are also a sign of being disorganized and lack of class. Having some chrome coated steel hooks installed in your bathroom, on the other hand, will introduce some elegant and classy feel and touch. Besides, this will look even more organized, contrary to your bathroom towels lying all over the place.

  • Shower Seat

If you have some space left or one that is often not in use, you could add some couch that is cozy with chair arms or you could still stick to the traditional stool or solid wooden chair. Apart from making your bathroom look elegant and classy, a shower seat is also a good place to do your nails and relax after taking a bath. It is a great place to just chill out and meditate after a long day at work. This is to break the monotony of the living room.

From the above discussion, it is evident there is no reason for your bathroom to look cheap while you can do many things to make it look elegant and sophisticated. The good thing is that these additions come in relatively low prices, meaning you do not need to break the bank. The secret is only to show up at a local bathroom supplies store or call your contractor to find out your options.