How to Remodel a Small Bathroom to Look and Feel like a Spa

After a long and tiring day of work, there is nothing better for your mind and body than visiting a spa. Nevertheless, due to the time and cost involved, most people would rather skip that expensive and time-consuming trip and just stay warm in their bathroom. Your bathroom provides a private space, in which you can enjoy a warm bath or relaxing shower to de-stress. All you need is to add some extra features to evoke that atmosphere. This article shows you the things you need to do to remodel your small bathroom to look and feel like a spa.

Enhance Your Bathroom’s Visual Appeal

Visuals are a key feature for creating a spa-like experience. You do not have to go overboard with enhancing your bathroom’s visuals, as there are simple designs that you can implement to open up a room. For instance, you can decide to go with soothing colors like beige, white, or blue to create that welcoming feel. Doing this provides a serene environment with a restful feel.

A Deep Soaking Tub

Just because you have a small bathroom, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy a soak in the tub. Bathtub manufacturers are now offering a variety of tubs that are not very huge, but deep enough to soak.

Add Special Hardware

If you want to achieve a spa-like bathroom, then you should try to improve the design by introducing stylish hardware and faucets. Such small changes will have a significant effect on the bathroom, even when you do not want to renovate the entire space. Adding personal touches to the special hardware will help make the entire bathroom space your own.

Clear the Space

If you have ever been to a spa, then you must have realized that the place had a clean and tidy look. You need to do the same thing to your bathroom, if you are going to make it look and feel like a spa. Having a soothing color palette and incredible elements such as light and airy window elements helps create that serene environment. You should also remember to get rid of all the mess and clutter, to keep a calm vibe.

Heated Towels to Warm You Up

You would not want to wrap up in cold towels after taking a warm and relaxing shower. Instead, you want to retain your body’s heat by indulging yourself in comfortable and warm towels. This is why you should consider installing towel warmers in your bathroom, if at all you are going to make it look and feel like a spa.

Get a New Shower Head

Consider upgrading to a massage showerhead. This works incredibly well for those individuals without a large soaking tub. Whether you prefer a hand-held showerhead or a waterfall shower, upgrading to a luxurious showerhead with multiple settings and a unique design is something you must do.

Have a Storage Space

As mentioned earlier, clutter is never soothing when you want to create a calm environment. Therefore, you should have a place to stash all your bathroom necessities. Whether you decide to go for open shelving or closed cabinetry, your goals should be to keep things neat and organized. If you choose to store your accessories in an open shelving, then you must place them in attractive containers.

Bring in Nature

Consider incorporating nature with flowers and houseplants into your bathroom. This helps create a healthy environment, and adds life to your bathroom. Indoor plants are very effective, as they provide an effective way to turn your bathroom into a tranquil setting. You could try something as simple as getting a vase and filling it with fresh flowers to introduce those natural elements.

Install Dimming Lights

If you would like a late night and romantic bath before going to bed, then you should consider installing wall scones or recessed ceiling lights, which come with dimmer controls. With the assistance of a dimmer, you can set your bathroom’s lighting to look and feel like that of a spa.

Going to the spa offers a very relaxing experience. Due to lack of enough time and the high cost involved, many people do not get the chance to visit a spa as much as they would like. What if there was a way to remodel your bathroom to make it look and feel like a spa? By introducing the aforementioned elements of a spa in your bathroom, you can be able to turn it into one restful and rejuvenating treat.