How To Child-Proof Your New Jersey Bathroom On A Budget

Tips And Tricks For Kid-Proofing Your Bathroom Smartly

You may not think of your New Jersey bathroom as a danger zone, but to a crawling baby, toddler, and young child, it absolutely is. Think about it — your bathroom contains a body of water, bottles of pills, caustic cleaning agents, and boiling hot water — all in one tiny room!
Learn simple but effective ways to kid-proof your bathroom, and keep your children safe and sound.

Keep ‘Em Out

First things first…don’t let your toddler get into your bathroom unsupervised to begin with!

There are a few ways you can accomplish this:

  • You can use a traditional baby gate to block off the entrance to your bathroom.
  • You can also go the cheaper route and use a hook and eye latch to lock your bathroom door from the outside.
  • Another good idea is to babyproof the doorknob with a simple doorknob lock so that you can open the door, but the baby can’t.

Be Safe

Of course, there are times when your toddler needs to be in the bathroom. When remodeling your bathroom, there are steps you can take to make sure your child is 100% safe at all times. These safety measures will also help keep the rest of your family safe and sound.

  • Install grab bars in your bathtub to prevent falls.
  • Instead of regular outlets, install GCFI outlets that remove the danger of electrocution.
  • Make it impossible for your child to burn themselves with hot water by installing scald guards on all faucets.
  • Regular glass is fragile and dangerous if broken. Install safety glass that’s unbreakable instead of regular glass.
  • Make sure everything is securely anchored to the floor or the wall so that you don’t run the risk of things falling.

Lock It Up

Keep your child safe (and your possessions intact!) by locking anything and everything that can be locked — starting with your windows and cabinets.

Other things to remember to lock include:

  • Install a toilet seat lock so that your curious child won’t be able to take a peek underneath the cover of your toilet.
  • Install a toilet flusher lock so that
  • Buy a wastebasket lock and save yourself the aggravation of having your wastebasket upended by a curious child.
  • Unless you really want to have that classic toilet paper pic in your collection, install a toilet paper lock so that your bathroom is not toilet papered by a fun-loving toddler!

Soften The Edges

Bathrooms can be a minefield of sharp corners for a curious toddler. Smoothe over any pointy or potentially dangerous edges with covers, caps, and cushions.

  • Add cushioned faucet covers to the sink faucet
  • Remember banging your head on the bathtub spout as a kid? Make sure that doesn’t happen to your child by adding a soft spout cover.
  • Most toilets are only installed with caps covering the screws sticking out on either side. But just in case yours doesn’t have them, make sure to buy toilet bolt caps. Your toilet will also look nicer!
  • Stick corner guards anywhere you see a sharp edge.

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